Time Will Tell

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Time Will Tell

Previously on Felicity: Felicity graduated. It featured quite a bit of her walking in slow motion, which is oddly appropriate. Felicity told Ben that she couldn't go to Arizona with him, because she had been following him for four years, and it was his turn now. Felicity asked Noel if he ever thought about what might have been with them. Ben showed up in California, and he and Felicity ended up together in the end.

Felicity cautiously sits down on the floor next to a bed and hits the record button on her tape player. She begins, "Dear Sally. It's me. Felicity. I know it's been a while, but something's happened, and I think you're the only one I can talk to about it, because people I've told think I'm insane. You probably will, too. First of all, I'm in my old college room, which is so weird. And if I told you how I got here, you wouldn't believe me, so let me go back. I'll start with the saddest, most important thing: Elena's funeral."

What? After the crappy treatment of Elena in the last four episodes, now they've killed her off. The writers hate Tangi Miller. That's the only explanation. The cameras pan up to reveal a cemetery, with a group of people gathered around a gravesite. Natalie Merchant sings as Felicity voice-overs that it was six months ago, and Elena got in a car accident near Columbia University. The camera pans across the faces of Elena's friends: Richard, Sean, Meghan, Noel, Javier, Felicity, and Ben. Only Felicity looks very upset about the whole thing. Sean looks like he's late for a meeting. Felicity at least looks like she's been crying. I know everyone grieves in his or her own way, but this seems a little extreme. FVO says, "The idea that one of us was gone, that you can lose someone you love so much -- it changed everything." As Felicity and Noel walk away, Felicity says that she's going to miss Elena so much. Noel says that it seems like they should do something. Felicity asks what he means. Noel explains that it feels like everything could disappear. FVO says that wasn't what she was feeling, because instead of holding on, she pulled away. What I didn't get the first time that I watched this was that Noel was thinking that the whole group should do something together, and really show each other how much they care, because you never know when you will lose someone. That wasn't clear to me from his one line.

Fade to a library at Stanford as FVO says, "Actually, I think I became pretty hard to live with." Felicity studies while Ben sits there, restless. FVO ominously says, "That's where all our trouble began." Ben turns to Felicity and suggests that they go do something. Felicity asks what he wants to do. Ben suggests that they go outside, because it's such a nice day. Felicity dismissively tells him to go, because she wants to finish her work. Ben nods and says, "Okay," disappointed. He picks up his bag and goes. Felicity gets right back to her work, not noticing Ben's dissatisfaction.

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