Time Will Tell

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Time Will Tell

Felicity shows up late for work at Dean & Deluca. Javier says that he needs to go find a place for the rehearsal dinner that night, and takes off. Felicity runs into the break room to put her bag in her locker, and Ben is sitting in there. Felicity punches in and says she's going to head out front. Ben asks if they can talk. Felicity doesn't say anything, so Ben whispers, "I don't want to break up." He continues, "I'm not excusing what you did. I'm not. But you're right. I haven't been there for you. I was away all summer, and when I got back, I wasn't around when your dad was here." Felicity says that's not the problem. Ben says that he's sorry if he broke her heart, because it's the last thing that he ever wanted to do. Ben says that they might be able to get past it if she wants to. Felicity shakes her head and gently says that she doesn't think they can. Ben says that he has to go, and walks out. As Felicity watches Ben walk away, FVO says, "I don't know if this is the real world or not, but it feels real. I mean, it hurts. A lot."

Yay! The return of Dr. Pavone! Dr. Pavone tells Felicity that of course it hurts to break up with Ben. Felicity thought it would be easier. Dr. Pavone thinks that was unrealistic. Felicity says that she knew what would happen. Dr. Pavone asks what she means. Felicity says that Ben is not the right one for her. Dr. Pavone asks, "And Noel is?" Felicity says, "Oh my God! I can't believe this! You were the one who was saying, 'Look in the drawer. Look in the drawer.' Noel is in the drawer! I know that now!" Dr. Pavone says, "I don't know where you're getting this drawer thing, but I like it." Heh. Felicity says that she wants to make sure that she's doing the right thing. Dr. Pavone says that it's more important to do what Felicity wants, and asks what she wants. Felicity firmly says that she wants to be with Noel, but that she wishes that she didn't have to hurt Ben so much. Dr. Pavone tells her, not unkindly, that it's unrealistic.

Felicity and Noel have coffee together. Felicity starts babbling that they should go away for a weekend together. Noel looks away quickly; Felicity backtracks that it doesn't have to be any time soon, and asks what he thinks. Noel considers it and then says, "I don't think this is a good idea." Felicity says that there's no rush. Noel explains that he's talking about their relationship. Felicity is stunned and says that she doesn't understand. Noel explains that when she told him that she wanted to give them a chance, it was incredible, because he's waited a long time to have that conversation, but that it doesn't feel right. It seems too fast to Noel. Felicity says that's how things happen sometimes. Noel says that he's trying to keep his head together, and that he doesn't even have a job. Felicity assures him that he will, and that everything will be fine. Noel notes that she keeps saying that, and that he loves her confidence in him, but he doesn't know that everything will be fine. Noel thinks that they are both going through a lot and will need each other. Felicity interjects, "Exactly!" Noel adds, "As friends." Noel is afraid that getting together might destroy their friendship, and he's not willing to take that chance. Felicity slowly says, "So, you're saying that you just want to stay friends?" Noel thinks that's best. Felicity looks utterly destroyed.

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