Time Will Tell

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Time Will Tell

Felicity and Noel head for the loft to attend Tracy and Elena's rehearsal dinner. Noel asks if it's going to be awkward, and Felicity says that it will. They walk in to find Javier, Richard, and Meghan standing there looking angry. Felicity asks what's going on. Meghan says that the question is what isn't going on. Richard (who should have much shorter hair) says angrily that he hopes that Felicity and Noel are happy. Noel asks what they're talking about and asks where Elena and Tracy are. Richard says that the wedding is off, thanks to Felicity. Javier moans about all of the work that was done on the dress. Felicity asks anxiously what happened. Meghan says that Elena and Tracy had a fight, and Richard adds, "Over you?" Felicity and Noel both say, "What?" Meghan explains that Elena was defending Felicity's decision to cheat, and Tracy was upset, and Elena "came to her senses and called the whole thing off." Felicity asks if Elena is okay, and Richard says that she'll bounce back because "that Tyler's one tough broad." Sean walks into the room and says, "Man, is he wasted." Felicity asks if he's talking about Ben. Sean didn't realize Felicity was there, but says yes. Felicity says she's going to go talk to him. Richard comments, "Add that final twist of the knife." Noel tells Richard to shut up.

Felicity peeks into Ben's bedroom, where he is lying in bed. Felicity asks if she can get anything. Ben moans and says that she can't. Felicity walks further into the room and closes the door behind her. She apologizes for everything that happened. Ben says that he can't do this. Felicity starts to explain that she and Noel aren't even together. Ben interrupts to tell her that he failed a test today, a test that he studied for. Felicity walks closer and says intensely that Ben can do it, and she knows that for a fact, and that he can't give up. Ben says that he can't, and rolls over to face the wall. Felicity walks out, but looks back to see Ben lying there in the dark, defeated.

Felicity pulls Meghan into the bathroom and says, "This is a nightmare. I have to get out of here." Meghan thinks that Felicity wants to leave the loft, but Felicity explains that she wants to go back to the way that things were. Felicity begs Meghan to undo the spell. Felicity says that everything is getting screwed up, because Ben won't be a doctor and Elena and Tracy aren't getting married. Felicity realizes that Meghan won't be marrying Sean. Felicity explains that when Elena and Tracy don't get married, Meghan proposes to Sean. Meghan thinks there's a fat chance of that happening. Felicity says that it worked out really well, and that Meghan has to find the book of spells because it changes everything. Felicity begs, "Please! Help me!" Meghan agrees to help. Felicity thanks her profusely, and Meghan tells Felicity to "stop wigging out."

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