Time Will Tell

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Time Will Tell

Meghan searches for the book online while Felicity scans the bookshelves in the loft. Meghan asks if Felicity is sure that she has the right name. Felicity is sure that it's Korsakoff, because Meghan said it "like a million times." Meghan isn't finding anything. Felicity says that she just realized something. Meghan says, "Let me guess. You didn't travel back in time?" Felicity says, "If the book is from the future, maybe it hasn't been published yet. Maybe it hasn't even been written yet." Felicity frets that she's going to be stuck in the past forever. Meghan asks if Felicity is sure that she's okay, and suggests that she talk to a shrink. Felicity gets upset and says tightly that she thought it was the book, but that she's just been feeling weird lately, and probably has the flu. Felicity thinks she might feel better tomorrow. She walks out.

And we're back to the opening segment, with Felicity sitting next to the bed, making a tape for Sally. But when she gets to the part about people thinking she's insane, Noel interrupts. But...but...she said so much more after that. Time travel confuses me. Noel is surprised to see that Felicity still makes tapes. Felicity thinks it's kind of stupid. Noel thinks it's nice that she has someone to talk to. Felicity agrees. Awkward pause. Noel comes in and sits down on the bed. Felicity sits next to him. Awkward pause. Noel wanted to make sure that Felicity is okay. Felicity says that she's fine, and then asks if she's really made a mess out of things. Noel tells her that she didn't do it alone. Felicity says that she did. Noel tells her that she didn't, and then admits that he only broke things off with her because he's petrified and doesn't want to lose her as a friend. Felicity promises that he won't, ever. Noel smiles and leans over and kisses her. Felicity stares at him and asks what it means. Noel agrees that they are a couple. Felicity leans over and kisses him, and they fall back onto the bed.

In the next episode: Felicity and Noel are a couple. Hannah shows up. Noel kisses her. A lot. Felicity says that this can't be happening.

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