Time Will Tell

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Time Will Tell

FVO continues, "It was around that time that Claire showed up." You can tell by the way that she says "Claire" that this is not good news. Ben, Felicity, and Claire walk down a sidewalk. Claire is a tall blonde who looks a little bit like Iben Hjejle (Laura in High Fidelity). Felicity explains that Claire was a student there, too, and had even been a student at UNY, but that they had never met while in New York. Felicity adds that Ben and Claire had some classes together in New York, but that they had never met. I feel like that's going to be important in the future, so I wanted to make sure I mentioned it here. FVO says that it was the three of them studying and hanging out, and then it became just Ben and Claire. Ben and Claire walk ahead of Felicity, talking and laughing. Felicity follows along, her hair a mess, looking upset.

FVO continues, "I remember it so vividly, because it was the day I got the invitation to Noel's wedding." Felicity runs along a path on campus with a big smile on her face, the invitation in hand. FVO says, "I went to go show Ben." Felicity walks into the library, happily looking around for Ben. FVO says, "And that's when I found them together." Felicity's face falls. The camera shows us what she sees -- Ben and Claire kissing. Felicity stares at them. Ben and Claire part. Claire is all giggly. Why would they be making out in public when their relationship is supposed to be secret? That's kind of dumb. It would have made more sense if Felicity had found them in Ben's apartment. Or Claire's apartment. I guess they didn't have the budget to build that set. Ben looks out and sees Felicity watching them. Felicity looks stunned, and walks away. FVO says, "Needless to say, we broke up."

Meghan talks to Felicity on the phone, expressing her indignation over what Ben did. Felicity is on a pay phone on campus, sobbing, saying that she doesn't know what to do. Meghan advises her to come to New York immediately. Felicity doesn't want to go to Noel's wedding when she's such a mess. And I know the storyline dictates it, but you usually get a wedding invitation with a little more advance notice. Meghan tells Felicity that she can do it. Felicity nods. FVO says that she remembers how shocking Meghan seemed when they first met, but that "the most shocking thing about her is what an amazing friend she is." Especially since Elena is dead. DEAD! I'm still not over that. Felicity arrives in New York and is greeted by Meghan. She asks Meghan not to tell anyone about her problems with Ben, because it's Noel's wedding and she doesn't want to ruin it. Meghan agrees.

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