Time Will Tell

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Time Will Tell

Felicity walks into the loft, where Sean and Javier are waiting to greet her with hugs. Javier says that he looks at Felicity's picture on her "Employee of the Month" plaque every day, but that she's a lot better-looking in person. Meghan points to something on the table and disgustedly asks what it is. Sean says that it's a party favor for the wedding. Meghan asks why Sean is in the background. Sean says that it's the best picture of Noel and Zoe he could find. He holds up a shirt with a heart on it, with Noel and Zoe's picture inside the heart, and then a picture of Sean looming in the background. It's awful. And yet, hilarious. Meghan looks at Sean reproachfully. Meanwhile, Javier is asking Felicity where "the love of [her] life" is. Felicity hesitates, and Meghan quickly supplies, "He has exams." Sean can't believe Ben isn't coming. Javier says that it's Noel's wedding, and that Ben has to come. Meghan says, "Who cares? They hate each other anyway. God!" Felicity just looks uncomfortable and kind of sick.

Felicity unpacks in what I assume is Ben's old room. Noel knocks at the door and asks if he can come in. Felicity says yes, and comments that she doesn't know why she brought so much stuff with her. Noel sits on the bed and stares at her. Felicity asks if he's okay. Noel says that he can't believe that he's getting married ["again" -- Wing Chun], and that he feels like throwing up. Felicity smiles and tells him that he's just nervous. Noel says that he is definitely nervous, and tells Felicity to feel his hands. She does, and laughs. Felicity assures Noel that it's perfectly normal to feel nervous, but that he and Zoe make a great couple. She reminds him how nervous Elena was. I don't really know how long it's been since Elena's death -- a few months? Neither of them seems all that sad about remembering Elena. ["Plus given that Elena didn't actually get married, it's not so reassuring." -- Wing Chun] Noel thinks for a minute and then says that he misses talking to Felicity. Felicity smiles and says that she misses it, too. Noel thinks for a while and then asks if she remembers, at the end of college, when he took her to the airport, and she asked if he ever thought about them. Felicity replies, "Yeah! And you said, 'Never.'" Noel says that he was obviously lying, and that he wonders it all the time. They laugh. Noel says that, actually, he thought someday it would be him and Felicity doing what he and Zoe are doing. Awkward pause. Felicity says, "Tomorrow." Noel realizes that it sounded like he was hitting on her, and Felicity assures him that she knew what he meant. Noel walks to the door, then turns and says that while Zoe is great, it's just weird how sometimes things don't work out the way you thought they would. Felicity agrees. Noel smiles and walks out. FVO says, "And that's when I started thinking -- and probably unfairly, since he was just about to get married -- that maybe I made a mistake. Maybe it was Noel I should have been with all along." And...credits. Oh my God. All that was before the credits? I'm in big trouble.

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