Time Will Tell

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Time Will Tell

Behind Felicity, Ben walks in the door. Sean is happy to see him. Javier asks if he finished his exams. Ben looks momentarily confused but manages to cover by agreeing. Ben sits down and apologizes to Noel and Zoe for being late. How did he find out about the wedding, and where they were having dinner? I don't know. Meghan asks Ben what happened to his forehead, because it has a big goose egg. Ben says that he just tripped. Felicity quickly looks at Meghan, who gives her a gesture like, "And you doubted my powers." Ben and Felicity awkwardly sit next to each other. Ben leans in and says hello. Felicity asks out of the side of her mouth what he's doing there. Ben says that he wants to talk to her. Felicity asks if they have to do it now, since it's Noel's wedding. Ben says that they can do it later. Zoe leans forward and picks just that time to ask when Ben and Felicity are getting married. Oops. Felicity says that she doesn't know, and Ben adds that they haven't talked about it in a while. Zoe picks up on their reluctance to discuss it and apologetically says that she thought they were engaged. Meghan comments, "Yeah, for, like, a day." Sean, clueless as usual, tells them that they have to get married, because it's the greatest, and every night is like a slumber party. Richard says that if he's going to have a slumber party, it's going to be with a different babe each time. I think Richard is trying a little too hard to make us believe that he loves the ladies. Felicity just drinks some champagne and looks sad.

The group exits the restaurant. Noel tells Zoe that he'll see her tomorrow. Zoe kisses him. Zoe asks Javier to share a cab, and he's delighted to do so. Sean stands outside another cab, and asks Noel if he's coming. Noel says that he's going to walk. Felicity says that she'll walk with him, unless he wants to be alone. Ben walks closer to Felicity and says that he guesses he'll talk to her later. Felicity looks down and quickly says that she guesses so. Ben realizes he has no say in the matter and walks away. Richard asks Noel if they are still going to a strip club. Noel says that they are not. Richard invites Felicity along. Felicity says that if they already have plans, she can get home on her own. Richard keeps urging Noel to go to a strip club, but Noel ends the discussion: "Richard? I'll see you tomorrow." Noel and Felicity walk off together.

Back at the loft, Ben is playing a PS2 game when Felicity and Noel get home. Ben turns and looks at them sadly, and asks how the walk was. Felicity quickly says, "Good." Awkward pause. Noel says he's going to go up on the roof and ponder the end of his single life; he leaves. Ben asks if he and Felicity can talk. Felicity agrees, but doesn't know what there is to talk about. Ben walks over to her and apologizes. He says that what happened was a mistake, and stupid. He explains that he was reacting to what was going on with him and Felicity, and that it didn't mean anything. Felicity says it didn't look that way to her. Ben says that he knows that he made a mistake, but that he talked to Claire and told her that they couldn't see each other anymore. Felicity looks shocked and asks, "Anymore?" Ben says that she knows what he means. Felicity says that she doesn't, and asks if it was an ongoing thing. Ben doesn't answer. Felicity looks disgusted and asks how long it was going on. Ben says not long. Felicity asks for specific information. Ben whispers, "About a month." Felicity can't believe he was seeing Claire for a month. Ben moves to touch Felicity's shoulder, and Felicity pushes him off and starts crying tears of anger. Ben says that he should probably stay somewhere else tonight, and Felicity agrees. Ben grabs his coat and leaves. Felicity continues crying and shaking her head.

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