Time Will Tell

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Time Will Tell

Felicity lies in bed and stares at the ceiling. FVO says, "Sally, I couldn't sleep at all that night. I mean, who knew where I would wake up? Or when? All I knew was that this was my chance to do it all again. And this time? I was going to do it right." I'm still kind of upset that Felicity wasn't more into Elena. I mean, she dies! Shouldn't Felicity be taking steps to prevent that from happening?

Felicity answers the door to her apartment and lets Noel in. It's very different from the first time around, when Felicity was panicking, and ended up telling Noel that she loves Ben. Noel says that he wanted to come by and see how she was doing, because she was acting kind of crazy last night. Felicity is very chipper throughout. Noel notices the hickey and asks if he did it. Felicity says that he did, but that he shouldn't worry about it. Noel asks what will happen if Ben sees it. Felicity archly says, "What if he does?" Noel explains that Ben will realize that Ben didn't give it to her, and wonder who did. I love Ben, but he's not the most bright or attentive fellow at this point, what with the pre-med distraction and all. Maybe he wouldn't notice. Felicity brightly says that she'll just tell him what happened. Noel doesn't think that's a good idea. Felicity responds matter-of-factly, "I have to. I know what happens if I don't, and it's much worse. It's going to come out anyway." Noel says that he doesn't think Ben will find out. Felicity says, "Trust me." Noel points out that he lives with Ben. Felicity says it's complicated, but that it will be bad between Noel and Ben no matter what, and that telling Ben is really the best course of action. Noel realizes that Felicity is really sure about this. Felicity says that she is. Noel makes her promise to think about it.

Felicity walks to the door of the loft. FVO says, "The truth is, I had no idea what I was going to say to Ben, but I couldn't avoid him forever. I mean, technically, we were still going out." Felicity knocks on the door; Sean answers and tells her that Ben isn't there. He tells Felicity to leave a note, because he has to go see a fortune cookie maker for favors for Elena's wedding. Felicity says, "Maybe it'll actually happen this time." Sean asks what she's talking about, and Felicity realizes that she's said too much. Sean leaves. Felicity starts to leave a note when the phone rings. A woman named Janet starts to leave a message on the machine. Felicity looks up sharply, pissed off. When the message concludes, she sighs and shakes her head as if to say, "I can't believe I bought this the first time around." She crumples up her note and walks out of the loft. The captioning gives us another FVO, but we don't actually hear it. In case you were wondering, Felicity was supposed to say, "Sally, when I heard that message again, it hit me. Janet, Claire, Lauren, Avery...I mean, this pattern went back a long time. So when I found Ben, I wasn't just angry. I was through." I like to think that Keri Russell is such a good actress that they decided that the voice-over wasn't necessary to convey the message.

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