Todd Mulcahy, Part I

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Todd Mulcahy, Part I

Meghan is in her dorm room, staring into the mirror and apparently applying something to her nose. There is a knock at the door and she distractedly tells the guy to come in. Some guy enters, and Meghan tells him to hold some ice to her nostril. The guy obliges and asks for Felicity. Meghan yells at him not to touch her nose with his hand, and adds that Felicity's not there. The guy apologizes about the nostril thing and cautiously asks if Meghan knows where Felicity is. Meghan proceeds to stick a needle into her nostril and then groans with pleasure. The guy is clearly freaked out as he asks if Meghan knows when Felicity will be back. Meghan ignores him as she admires her new piercing in the mirror, and says, "I can't even feel it! Bet that's the first time I've said that." There is a knock at the door; Noel walks in and asks Meghan if she's seen Felicity. He notices the needle sticking out of her nose and cringes. As you do. Meghan snarks that she's got better things to do than "keep track of [her] adorable roommate." The guy asks if Noel is the RA, and Noel confirms that he is. The guy introduces himself as Todd Mulcahy, an old friend of Felicity's. Todd asks Meghan if he can leave a message for Felicity. Noel asks if Todd is just visiting. Todd says that Felicity was his first crush, and that he ran into her in the supermarket in Palo Alto over Christmas. Noel asks if Todd came to New York to see Felicity. Todd smiles and sheepishly admits that he came to kiss her. Meghan cracks up on the other side of the room. Noel is shocked. Todd says that he and Felicity almost kissed before, and he needs to know what it feels like. Meghan says, "Well, I think you guys would make the perfect couple." Todd, thinking she's talking about Felicity and him, thanks her. Meghan clarifies that she was talking about Todd and Noel, and then walks out. And...credits.

Felicity sits on her bed and makes a tape to Sally. She asks Sally if she's ever wanted anything so badly that she found herself doing incredibly superstitious things, "like holding your breath until the second hand gets to the twelve, just for good luck." They have a name for that, Felicity. It's called OCD. FVO continues, explaining that she was in a seminar with Dr. McGrath, a well-known geneticist. FVO lists all of McGrath's credentials, and adds that if you are published under him, you can get into any medical school you want. Felicity and Elena sit in the seminar, taking notes. FVO explains that, every year, two hundred students apply for the seminar and only ten get in. McGrath explains that he will give them all an exam on Thursday, and will be interviewing them as well, and then will make his final selections. FVO says that when she told her dad about the seminar, he said that getting the seminar is "monumentally important."

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