Todd Mulcahy, Part I

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Todd Mulcahy, Part I

Felicity meets Todd at Tribeca Food, a restaurant. He thanks her for showing up. Todd says he'll cut to the chase. He tells a story about going to the supermarket twice on the day they ran into each other, so he thinks it was fated that they ran into each other. Todd reminds Felicity that she was really stressed out about her grades that day, and that she said, "See, nothing's changed." Felicity claims that it was a figure of speech. Todd says he knew what she meant, because he's still the same guy he was when they knew each other, and he thinks she's the same girl. Felicity sighs and says that this is flattering. Todd reminds her about a time they sat together and watched the sunset. Felicity remembers that. Todd says that there was a moment when they almost kissed. Felicity says it was a long time ago. Todd says that's what he means, because he should have forgotten about it, but he hasn't, and that Felicity hasn't, either. Felicity says that, at the time, it was a big deal. Todd asks why. Felicity doesn't know. Todd says that they represented something to each other. Felicity wonders what they could possibly represent. Todd answers, "An alternative. Because even then, we knew there were expectations. And you and I always encouraged each other to do what we wanted to do. I mean, that's why I gave you those art supplies." Felicity looks stunned. Todd reminds her that she used to draw. Felicity tries to downplay it, but Todd says that she secretly wanted to be an artist. Felicity says that she appreciates what he's done, but that she's not interested in him, so she wants him to stop calling. Felicity tells him to take care and gets up. Todd asks if she's just going to walk away. Felicity says that she is.

Todd follows Felicity outside and says that he should have kissed her six years ago. Felicity tells him that he's being rude. Todd says that their kiss would have meant something, but that he missed his window of opportunity, and now he's trying to reopen that window. Felicity thinks this should go on record as "the most failed seduction in history." Todd keeps begging her to kiss him, because it will only take a second, and they'll know immediately. Todd says, "Felicity, we can run off together and do anything we want." Felicity asks how he knows she's not already doing what she wants. Todd asks if she is. Felicity thinks a minute and then tells him goodbye. Todd walks backward out into the street, facing Felicity on the sidewalk. He promises her that they will kiss. Felicity looks to the side and warns, "Todd." Todd concludes, "I am down, but I am not, in any way, out." The last word of that sentence is barely out of Todd's mouth before a bus creams him. Felicity recoils in horror. Man, I remember watching that scene when this episode aired and screaming. I so didn't expect that to happen and it looked so realistic. To be continued.

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