Todd Mulcahy, Part I

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Todd Mulcahy, Part I

Felicity and Elena study in the library. Felicity says that she just got a rush of confidence, and she knows that she and Elena are going to do very well on the McGrath test. Ben walks up and says that he talked to Todd. Felicity hopes that Ben wasn't too mean. Ben explains that he and Todd used to "party" together, and used to skateboard together, but that he never knew Todd's last name. So they ended up watching some movie together in the hotel room. Elena cracks up, but Felicity says that it's not funny, because the guy won't give up until he kisses her. Ben says that Felicity should let Todd kiss her, because he's a good guy. Felicity says that Ben was supposed to help. Ben says that he needs a job, and asks if they need anyone at Dean & Deluca. Elena looks at Felicity like, "Do you really think this is a good idea?" Ben asks Felicity to put in a good word for him. Felicity agrees to do so. Ben repeats that Todd is a good guy, and walks away.

Elena and Felicity (along with a bunch of other students) take the McGrath exam as "Rapture" by Blondie plays. Felicity looks up and sees Todd leering at her from the window in the classroom door. He waves and holds up one finger. Then he holds up a series of papers that say, "When can we sit down? Tonight?" Felicity tries to get him to go away, but she finally agrees just to get him out of there. He holds up one last sign that says, "Good luck!" Felicity shakes her head at him in annoyance, and he waves again and leaves.

Javier interviews Ben at Dean & Deluca. Ben admits that he's never worked in food service before, but says that he thinks he'd be pretty good at it. Javier asks if Ben likes coffee. Ben says that he does, and Javier admits that his skin breaks out when he drinks it. Ben acts all interested. Javier makes small talk about Ben's job in a sporting-goods store. Ben finally cuts to the chase and asks if he has a shot at the job. Javier says no. Ben can't believe it and sighs. Javier says, "I'm keeeding! You know I love you. I just have to go through the motions." Ben looks relieved. Javier asks if he can start the next day, and if he has any aversion to wearing a black hat. Ben asks if he has to wear it.

Noel slips flyers under the doors of the residents. When he gets near Richard's room, he hears revelry inside. He enters to find Richard with his dish installed, and many people watching some boxing match. Noel stares at Richard for a while, and then just hands him a flyer and leaves. Out in the hall, Noel sees Todd sitting on the floor outside Felicity's room. Noel asks what Todd is doing there. Todd says, "Hey!" all happy. Noel responds, "No! No 'hey'! No 'hey'! You're here to see Felicity!" Todd guesses that Noel is mad because he's Felicity's boyfriend. Noel says that he's not mad, but that he wants Todd to stay away from Felicity. Todd asks if he's supposed to turn off his heart. Noel thinks that Todd should, adding that he wants Todd to stop hanging out with Felicity. Todd admits that he's supposed to have dinner with Felicity. Noel can't believe they made plans. Todd apparently has ADD because he tells Noel that his t-shirt is awesome. Noel, of course, brags that he designed it himself. Noel tries to get back on track. Todd brings up Photoshop and they talk about computers and Noel totally forgets about Felicity.

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