Todd Mulcahy, Part II

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Todd Mulcahy, Part II

Felicity sits on a bench in a hallway. Professor McGrath walks out of his office and calls her name, so Felicity stands and slowly follows him in. Once inside, he says, "I have only one question. Why should you be considered for this seminar?" I kind of hate him already. Felicity stammers that her grades are good, and then pauses for a really long time, trying to think of more reasons. Or possibly trying to convince herself that there are any reasons why she shouldn't change her major. Finally, Felicity says that she's thinking about maybe being an artist. Awkward pause, as Felicity realizes that's not what he asked her. Felicity starts over, saying that McGrath wants to know why she should be chosen for the seminar, so she says that there was a time when she genuinely wanted to be a doctor, but she can't remember why. McGrath snarks that, typically, it's not his job to help students remember why they are in his office talking to him. Felicity looks pale, as McGrath wishes her well and announces that he's removing her name from consideration for the seminar. I see his point, but he was kind of mean about it. Felicity doesn't look that upset.

Dean & Deluca. Jazzy music plays as Ben sniffs something. Some sort of food product, perhaps? Julie comes by and tells Ben that she mailed the tape to Carol Anderson, her birth mother. I really could not care less about this storyline, or Julie. To me, the sooner Julie is out of the picture, the sooner Ben and Felicity can get together. Anyway, Julie dropped the tape in the mailbox, and then decided that she wanted to get it back. She asked three different mail carriers to get it out, but none of them would. I can't imagine why not.

Elena thinks Felicity is nuts for telling McGrath that she's thinking of becoming an artist. And Elena is right, since Felicity shouldn't have burned her bridges before she was sure what she wanted to do, or even if she could change majors right then. Felicity tells Elena to stop making her feel bad about it. Elena tells Felicity that she's going to kick Felicity's ass, and that it's the biggest mistake of Felicity's life. I wonder if Elena would still be saying that in the fourth season. Felicity had made a lot more big mistakes by then.

Felicity, Noel, Ben, Julie, and Elena go to see Todd at the hospital. Felicity talks to the doctors and finds out that the transfusions went well, and that Todd could be moved to the critical care unit tomorrow; once that happens, he'll be allowed to have visitors.

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