Todd Mulcahy, Part II

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Todd Mulcahy, Part II

Noel catches Meghan as she is entering her room, and asks if she's seen Felicity Meghan snarks that she can't wait until he stops asking her that question. Noel asks if that's a yes. I can't believe I thought Noel was cute during the first season. He's so annoying. I thought he was, like, dorkily endearing, but he's just dorkily dorksome. Meghan says she hasn't seen Felicity, and then asks if Todd died yet. Noel sarcastically says, "Oh, that's nice," and then reports that as far as he knows, Todd is making a recovery. Noel keeps glancing around and seems really antsy. Meghan is still trying to open her door and reports that her lock is stuck. Noel promises to report it, and then says that he and Felicity have a date tonight, and asks Meghan to remind Felicity if Meghan sees her. It's pretty sad when you have to remind your girlfriend that you have a date. Meghan suddenly gets interested and asks if Felicity blew Noel off. Noel denies it. Meghan says that it's a bad sign. Noel still denies that Felicity blew him off, despite evidence to the contrary. Meghan finally gets her door open and slams it in Noel's face just as he asks her to tell Felicity that he's in his room. Just then, one of the gloved women walks down the hall while talking on the world's largest cell phone.

Julie and Carol walk down the street. Carol says that she was telling her husband about Julie, calling her "this new girl in the office that reminds [Carol] of [herself]." Carol says that she told her husband how Julie plays the guitar, so he went into the storage room and brought up Carol's guitar from college, and Carol played it for hours. Carol offers to give Julie a ride home. Julie says she has some books on guitar if Carol wants to borrow them. Carol says she'd love to, but then she wouldn't get anything else done. Carol drops her bag getting into the car, and the package containing Julie's tape drops out. Of course. Julie picks up the bag and stuffs everything back, then looks at the tape for a second, and stuffs that in too. I'm not sure if Julie had the opportunity to pocket the tape, or if Carol saw the package before Julie could steal it. Julie tells Carol that she's decided she wants to walk. Carol accepts this and says goodbye. Julie watches the cab pull away.

Felicity sketches with some pastels in the studio as Simon watches her and smiles. Felicity is so absorbed in her drawing that she doesn't notice how much time passes. I wonder if Keri Russell is really a decent artist or if she is just tracing. Next thing you know, she's dropped the pastels for some paints. She rips one page off her pad and drops it on the floor, then walks away, and we see that it's dark out. To indicate time passing, the room starts lightening as the sun comes up. The camera pans back over to reveal Felicity, asleep at her drawing board. A door opens, which wakes her up. The woman who enters tells Felicity that she knows what that feels like. Felicity sits up, her face covered in dark smudges from where it was resting on the paper, and smiles.

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