Truth And Consequences

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Truth And Consequences

Knoll is sitting on the couch. There's a knock at the door, and he opens it to find Ruby, who shakes her head no. I guess that means, "No, I didn't get my period." Cut to Knoll examining the package of the pregnancy test. Ruby asks him whether Elena might walk in, and Knoll says that she's pulling an all-nighter with her "sexy new lab partner." Ruby comes out of the bathroom carrying the little stick and Knoll tells her to "gently lay it down on a smooth surface." Ruby lays it down on the coffee table and they both sit on the couch and stare at it. I hate on television shows when they wave pregnancy test sticks around, like it's not really just a piece of plastic with some pee on it. Like when Phoebe found out she was pregnant on Friends and they were all hugging her, all I could think was, "Ew, they are all touching her urine." But obviously, I have issues. Anyway, Ruby clarifies that they "want blue" and Knoll says "blue is good." Then they sit there for two agonizing minutes while Ruby asks, "How can it work so fast?" and Knoll talks about reactions and chemicals, and Ruby says she meant that it doesn't seem right that "this little white stick could give you the most important news of your life." They both say the word "blue" about ten more times until Knoll says, "Thirty seconds," and Ruby realizes that it is not now, nor will it ever be blue, and therefore, she is pregnant. Knoll won't give up though, and keeps asking her whether she sees something blue. Wouldn't they notice that it's pink? I mean, the choices weren't white or blue, they were pink or blue. Ruby just cries and Knoll looks stunned. Even though I knew she was going to be pregnant, that scene was still pretty excruciating.

Felicity and Ben are getting an introduction to the Health Center from a really, really condescending guy named Greg. He tells them that they usually try to stay away from the "comm serves" ("people doing community service" for those who are not annoying), because they don't really care and are just there to get their hours. Felicity says they "really want to help," but Greg is on to explaining the check-in desk. He points out that "records are going on the computer system, but [he doesn't] think [Ben and Felicity] are up for that." Instead he tells them to answer phones. Ben's male ego is all bent out of shape so he insists that he's up for the computer work, even though Greg tells him it involves "Excel" and is "a fairly complicated process." Ben says that he has used Excel at his dad's office. Greg tells Felicity to answer phones, and not to give out advice so that they don't get sued. Felicity says she wouldn't do that, and Greg leaves. Ben sarcastically says, "Love that guy! Huh?" Felicity asks Ben if he knows Excel. Okay, computer geek break: A large university like this one would not, in this day and age, keep their student health records on Excel for a number of reasons. First of all, Excel is not very secure and health records are pretty confidential (which also leads me to believe they wouldn't let just anyone have access to them for entry). Second, most large universities have or are migrating to a system-wide program like Peoplesoft or Oracle, or a custom-built solution. I'm just sayin'. At the very least, they could have said "Access."

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