Truth And Consequences

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Truth And Consequences

There's a shot from outside the building looking at Knoll's apartment window. Ruby is looking out and Knoll comes up behind her and asks if she wants something to eat, or to go somewhere. Ruby doesn't. Suddenly she says, "Maybe I should keep it." Knoll tries to be rational by asking her what happens next: "You quit school? We both quit school? Get married and get jobs?" Ruby tells him he doesn't have to do anything. Knoll asks how she's going to "take care of it." Ruby gets offended and says, "I'm not smart enough to raise a child?" as if intelligence alone is all it takes, and then says she could get a job. Knoll continues with his rational mode and asks her what kind of job she could get, with no degree, that would support a child. Ruby continues with her non-sequitur mode and says, "I don't want to be pregnant."

At the Health Center, a man walks in and tells Felicity (who is sitting at the front desk) that he had a nosebleed and he thinks he's a hemophiliac. Then he asks who she is, and she throws the question right back at him. Greg comes up to intercede and gets rid of the guy, explaining afterward that he's always coming in there, but he's not a student. Felicity asks if he's "looking for drugs or something," and Greg says he's just looking for attention. Then he puts on his Condescending Hat and asks Felicity is she's capable of picking up some pamphlets from the printer since "comm serves" are "famous for taking forever on errands." Ben is behind Felicity working on a computer and eavesdropping. Felicity starts to tell Greg off, but then thinks better of it. Then she apparently thinks again and says, "I might be a 'comm serve,' but I'm not an idiot." Greg says he never said she was. Felicity says he keeps "implying it," and adds, "For future reference, my name is Felicity." Greg walks away. Felicity grabs her scarf and turns around to tell Ben she is going, like he didn't just overhear the whole conversation since he's all of two feet away. Felicity peeks at Ben's monitor and sees he's playing a video game. She starts to admonish him but he says that "Excel is like impossible to figure out." Felicity thought he knew it, but he lied because Greg is "so condescending. He thinks he knows everything. I don't know. I just didn't want him to think I don't know anything." Felicity turns five years old and tells Ben he's going to get in trouble. Ben says he already is in trouble -- that's why he's there. Felicity looks bemused (again) and leaves.

Julie is in a meeting with Cheesy Eric and the head of Pop Rocks (who is named Larry). Larry takes two seconds out of his busy schedule to tell Julie, to the surprise of no one, that her record sucks. Well, he's a little nicer about it, but that's pretty much his point. Eric intercedes to fight for Julie's record, and probably also for the right to get in her pants. Larry agrees. Does anyone else think that Eric set that scene up with Larry ahead of time so that he could play the big hero to Julie? Larry invites them to a party and leaves. Eric reminds Julie that this doesn't mean anything will be released -- it just means she's going to make a record. Julie squeals like a baby rat.

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