Truth And Consequences

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Truth And Consequences

Back at the Health Center, Greg is talking to Knoll and Ruby in the waiting room. He asks Ruby if she is there of her own volition, and apologizes for asking so many times, but explains that it's policy. Ruby says she wants to do this. Greg is actually being nice, instead of condescending, as he hands them a bunch of forms to fill out. Ruby and Knoll look a bit overwhelmed. Greg tells them that he knows "that the last thing in the world [they] want to deal with is something like this, but people go through it all the time. It's scary as hell, but you'll be okay." Then he asks if they have any questions about "tomorrow." Ruby asks if it will hurt, and Greg tells her there will be mild discomfort, akin to menstrual cramps. Knoll wonders if it's safe. You know, it's kind of sweet that he is concerned about Ruby's safety. Greg says it's twice as safe as having your tonsils out, and then tells them, "In a lot of ways, the most difficult part of this whole thing is...making the decision." ["Well yeah, that is the most difficult part so long as termination is a choice that women are freely able to make and so long as they are widely available in safe medical centres where dying or getting blood poisoning or getting harassed are not common occurrences. It annoys me that this show and others make it seem that choosing to terminate a pregnancy is so easy to do when all over North America women do not have access to such to such services, and more and more medical practitioners stop providing the service because they don't want to be murdered by people who 'value' life so highly." -- Maggie] ["Big ups to Maggie." -- Wing Chun]

Ben is still at the computer, but he actually has Excel open at this point. He looks over into the hallway and sees Knoll and Ruby. Ruby excuses herself to go to the ladies' room and Knoll heads for the lobby. Ben turns his head so that he doesn't have to make eye contact. Ben sees Knoll and Greg talking, and then Ruby comes back and she and Knoll leave. Greg walks over to Ben and asks him to file Ruby's records. Ben reads Ruby's records first. I'm assuming by "file," Greg meant for Ben to enter it into the system, so he would've read it anyway. I don't blame him. Come on. You would've read it too.

The next day, Greg enters the Health Center to find Felicity and not Ben. He asks Felicity where Ben "the Excel expert" is. Felicity says he hasn't arrived yet and Greg asks her to tell Ben "when he gets here late" that he "looked at the work that he did yesterday and he did no work yesterday." Felicity babbles about different version of the program and Greg tells her he doesn't have a problem with her because she wants to be there. Ben, on the other hand, is just there because he has to be, and "having someone like him here makes it very difficult for us to get our work done." Whatever, Greg. It's not like Ben was running around unwinding rolls of gauze and doing stand-up comedy in the lobby. So he wasn't as productive as you would've liked. He's a volunteer. It's unpaid labor. Just put him on a different task and move on, loser. Felicity says, "Why are you telling me this?" Yeah, why is he talking crap about her co-worker and friend? Greg says that "officially" he has to take the "comm serves," but "unofficially, you can ask him." Felicity says, "To leave?" Greg concurs. Felicity tells him she won't do it, and that he should talk to Ben himself. Way to grow a spine, Felicity! ["I would have been more impressed had Felicity told him she planned to report his totally unprofessional behaviour." -- Wing Chun]

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