Truth And Consequences

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Truth And Consequences

Felicity comes into the Health Center and Ben is already sitting there. Felicity walks up to him and says that Greg wanted her to talk to him because he found out that Ben didn't do any work. Ben says that Sean gave him some Excel pointers and he thinks he's going to figure it out. Felicity says Greg wants Ben to leave because he's "a distraction." Ben says, "So you've been here a day and now you're firing me?" Felicity says she told Greg she wouldn't talk to Ben, and gives him a book. It's Excel for Dummies. Felicity says Ben needs to show Greg that he wants to be there. Ben's ego flares up again and he says he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, and that he doesn't want to be there. Felicity asks him why he chose the Health Center, in that case. Ben smiles. Felicity tells him to read the book. Ben says he's not going to, and she should tell Greg he's not coming back. I kind of expected him to stand up and cry, "I never learned to read!" because he is so clearly becoming the Jordan Catalano to Felicity's Angela Chase. ["I'm down with that." -- Wing Chun] Ben grabs his coat and Felicity asks him what his problem is. Ben says, "My problem is Greg's right. I don't want to help anybody. And when I try to, I can't. I'll call you later."

Ruby is sitting in Knoll's bedroom and Knoll enters to tell her it's almost time to go. Knoll tells her he keeps thinking of things to say to her, but that they all sound stupid in his head. Ruby tells him that he doesn't have to say anything. Cut to them walking to the Health Center, holding hands. They both look miserable. To add insult to injury, there are Valentine's Day decorations everywhere. A woman carrying a baby walks down the street and they have to let go each other's hands to let her through. Ruby looks at the baby. An anvil falls out of the sky and lands on Knoll. ["Finally, there is some physical contact between Ruby and Knoll! All the time she has been conflicted and suffering in this episode, Knoll hasn't touched her with a ten-foot pole. The damage is done, dude. Comforting her and giving her a hug wouldn't make her more pregnant." -- Maggie]

At the Health Center, Felicity comes out of the back room and sees Knoll in the lobby. She doesn't say anything, and finally he looks up and sees her. Felicity starts walking over to him, but suddenly Ruby runs out crying and says, "Noel, I'm sorry! I can't do it! I'm sorry!" Knoll looks at Felicity and then runs out after Ruby.

Felicity is in Dr. Pavone's office. Toni says, "So what's with the face? You upset that he's leaving?" Felicity says it's not about Ben, and that a friend of hers named Knoll is in "a situation." Toni asks what kind of situation, and Felicity says Ruby is pregnant. Toni agrees that it is a situation. Felicity says she wanted to talk to Knoll at the Health Center, but that she didn't know what to say. She looked at Knoll and saw her dad when he was in the same predicament. Felicity continues, "Maybe my mom shouldn't have quit school. Maybe they didn't do the right thing." Toni says, "Yeah, maybe. What do you want? 'Maybe.' Or maybe they should have done a million things. But what are you going to do? 'Maybe' yourself to death? Are you gonna be paralyzed by 'maybe's?" I am seriously going to make some calls and see if Toni is available to be my personal counselor, because that is such great advice. Felicity says she still doesn't know what to say to Knoll, and Toni tells Felicity to ask him about his life and "leave [her] own baggage out of it." Felicity says Knoll's a good friend, and Toni says, "Well, then, friend, this isn't about you. This is about him."

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