Truth And Consequences

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Truth And Consequences

Knoll is teaching his class and glances at Ruby's conspicuously empty seat. He loses his train of thought and dismisses the class forty minutes early. You know, I always used to be psyched in school when we got out of class early, but now I'm feeling a bit guilty if it was due to situations like these. Okay, now I'm over it. Felicity walks in and asks to talk to Knoll. Cut to them sitting in the back row of the empty classroom and Knoll says he hasn't seen Ruby since she ran out of the Health Center. Felicity apologizes for not coming to him earlier. Knoll says he is "legitimately terrified," and Felicity asks, "Of what?" Knoll tells her, "That if Ruby's thinking about having this baby, that I am in no way capable of handing that. Not for a second. Ruby can deal. She's stronger than she thinks she is. But I'm the opposite. Sometimes I think I'm stronger than I am." Felicity tells him that Ruby can handle it because she knows Knoll is there. She says Knoll is "capable and intelligent and resourceful" and that she couldn't have made it through "last year or even the first semester this year" without him. She concludes, "You have no idea how amazing you are." Knoll says, "God, I do not feel amazing."

Ben is in Dr. Pavone's office, coughing at all the smoke. Toni asks why he's leaving the Health Center. Ben says that Greg is "a total jerk, for one. And two, that's not what I want to do." Toni asks what he does want to do and Ben says he doesn't know. Toni starts talking about the music playing, Pachelbel, and asks Ben what he thinks. After some hemming and hawing, Ben says it's "elevator music." Toni tells him he's a cliché, and gives him the CD so that he may listen to it a few times. Then she gives him the community-service list and suggests that he base his choice on what he wants to do instead of what Felicity is doing, and that he should "quit following the girl all the time. Who the hell are you?" Ben says if she means what he wants, he wants to swim. Toni deadpans, "Yeah, I got that. You're a fish. It's not an option anymore. They cut the program. So unless you intend to spend the rest of your college career whining, I suggest you refocus your energy." She observes that his grades aren't bad, but they are average, and that Ben is not average. Ben says that maybe he is. Toni says she can't take his self-pity anymore and tells him to leave. She calls him back and tells him that "everybody has to figure out who they are eventually."

Julie is in the loft, on the phone with Cheesy Eric. He is clearly telling her that the deal is off. Sean walks in while the conversation is going on. Eventually, Eric hangs up on Julie. Sean asks her what happened. Julie says Sean was right. Sean deduces that Eric made a move on her. Julie says that it was her fault, and that she owes him so much. Sean tells her that if he did this to get close to her, then he's a fraud. But if it was about her music, then it's about her music, and either way she doesn't owe him anything.

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