Truth And Consequences

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Truth And Consequences

Ben knocks on Felicity's dorm room door. Meghan answers and says, "Oh, it's you. How nineties." Ben asks for Felicity, who arrives from down the hall. Felicity asks if he wants to come in, and Ben and Meghan look at each other and simultaneously say, "No!"

Ben and Felicity are on the rooftop. Ben apologizes for his behavior at the Health Center. He tells her he wasn't there because he wanted to be there. He was there because of Felicity. Why don't they just do it already! Ben kind of ruins it by saying he doesn't mean it like that, but that he sees things in Felicity that he wishes he had, and that she cares about things. He tells her that he's going to find something else to do, about which he actually cares. They stand there for a moment, and then Felicity says that Knoll told her that Ben talked to him. Ben says he's a "screw-up," and Felicity insists that it was "a nice thing to do." Ben says that Knoll didn't think so, and then changes the subject by asking Felicity if she ever listens to Pachelbel. Felicity says she has, "a little," and Ben says, "He's good."

Knoll is sitting on the couch and Ruby has her head on his lap. Knoll tells her about his dad's three-year-cycle theory, where every three years, you go through a dip. Ruby says she feels like she's been dipping forever, and that she did "that whole movie thing" hoping to get "a sign" to "find out what [she's] supposed to be doing." Knoll says he doesn't think that's how it works. Ruby says it might, because she feels like now her purpose is "to have this baby." Knoll looks terrified. ["Ruby, you've faced your biggest dip ever: Knoll. It's gotta get better from here on out." -- Maggie]

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