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Previously on It's Raining Men Who Are Badly Outnumbered: Aras bossed around the Casaya women at the reward challenge for his own benefit, and wound up with a very wet breakfast as his reward. Austin and Chiclets headed to Exile Island, and they bonded in that way that means, "I like you, and I'll enjoy seeing you after I win and you lose." Terry won immunity again, and he decided that this was the time to give up the fact that he had the hidden idol. Sally and Austin were ecstatic, but Terry wasn't able to figure out how to make the right offer to the right person, so Terry and Sally sat helplessly at tribal council while Austin was sent home. Now, there are eight people left:six Casayans who haven't been disturbed since President Beefcake went home, plus Terry and Sally, who aren't so much "on the ropes" as "under the ropes" or "tangled up in the ropes." Who will be eliminated next?

Credits. Exile! (That's pretty much all you can get from the credits anymore. So much for being reminded of ancient Survivors long forgotten.)

Gitanos, Day 22. Behold the monkey, how much he is like Shane, only with less semi-obscene scratching and more knowledge of literature.

The tribe is starting the day around the fire, where Terry is going on and on about his background. He's yammering about flight school, jet training, learning to drop bombs, getting his wings, going to learn on's the kind of thing that you listen to for five minutes with rapt attention, and then you start to nod and smile a little less enthusiastically, and then you're really nodding but only pretending to smile, and then you're only pretending to either nod or smile, and then you're doing long division in your head, and then you're doing your taxes in your head, and then you're trying to remember all the words to "We Didn't Start The Fire." And under the shelter, Courtney, Cirie, and Chiclets are basically sharing the sentiment "Ugh." Terry is providing the Glory CliffsNotes about some great story where he did this really awesome thing this one time, and all his friends were undoubtedly like, "Dude!" Courtney mutters to the other C-listers that she's not sure how anyone is supposed to beat a retired Navy pilot. "Maybe he'll break his arm or something," Cirie says, not really all that unhappy at the thought of Terry snapping a limb right in two. Courtney can't believe Cirie is so naughty.

Out by the fire, Terry thinks he's going to renegotiate. "All right, guys," he says to Aras and Shane. "When we get down to the six, where do I fit in?" "That's not in our plan," Shane says, and Aras echoes, "That's not part of the plan, Terry." Seriously, why would they make a deal with him? He's so...dumb. I mean, he can win immunity over and over again, and I get that, but it's a damn good thing, because his strategic mind is for shit. Why in the hell would they ever, ever, ever deal with him? What would they have to gain from that? He's outnumbered six to two. What's he bargaining with, his buried chest of pirate treasure? I mean, it takes some doing to make Shane and Aras look like geniuses, but here we are. Aras and Shane both proceed to pretend that they'll really respect Terry if he just pounds them by brute force with an endless string of immunity victories, but as we all know, that rarely happens. One way or another, people tend to find a way not to vote for a really dominant player. In this case, though, if Terry were up against a girl, both of those guys might give him their votes. The more I look at this whole scenario, the less ridiculous an unsatisfying victory for Terry appears to be. Terry totally bores me, so this is not good news. Terry interviews that it was "a bummer" that Austin went home, and that his attempts to turn Chiclets and Bruce didn't work. Yeah. We noticed.

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