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Baptism by liar

Hurley and Sawyer are playing blackjack on the beach, and Sawyer's getting frustrated trying to explain to Hurley that one doesn't hit on a stiff, but Hurley is completely clueless about the game, and I have no idea why they're even playing, except to pair up Hurley and Sawyer so that Sawyer can make a comment about Libby, who's carrying some laundry a little ways away. "Well, go on. I'm sure you've got a load you need to drop in, don't you, Jethro?" like how disgusting is Sawyer anyway? Hurley says he's waiting for his moment -- not that he seems to mind revealing his crush to everyone but Libby -- and Sawyer says the moment is now, and painfully gets to his feet and yells out Libby's name before disappearing into his tent thing. Libby looks over, sees a nervous Hurley, who waves. She waves back. "Hey, yourself," she says, because Sawyer sounds so much like Hurley, apparently. She walks away, looking at Hurley and smiling. Hurley looks like he's about to throw up.

Locke's leaving the hatch in the jungle when Charlie shows up. He doesn't look especially pleased when Charlie asks to talk to him for a second, but it's not like Charlie's not used to that. "I take it you heard about what happened last night," says Charlie all casual. Locke's like, you mean you snatching Aaron out of Claire's tent? Yeah, word tends to get around on something like that, you wanker. "This whole thing was a big misunderstanding, John. I was sleepwalking," says Charlie, and thank god Locke interrupts Charlie's bullshit pleading for Locke to talk to Claire on his behalf to bluntly ask if Charlie's been using. "What?" says Charlie, like he has no idea what Locke is asking, and forces Locke to use the word "heroin." Instead of saying "no," Charlie flies off the handle about Kate seeing a horse, and pretty much everybody seeing Walt in the jungle, which is interesting that they actually talk about these things. "But when it's Charlie, it must be the bloody drugs, right?" So one moment you're telling Locke you were sleepwalking, and now you seem to admit to having visions? "That's funny. You didn't answer the question," says Locke calmly. Charlie says that he and Eko burned the plane, including the statues. "All of it?" asks Locke, skeptically, and Charlie lies right to Locke's face, so remind me why we're supposed to sympathize with Charlie here? Locke looks hard at Charlie, then finally seems to accept his word, and says, "Trust is a hard thing to win back. Claire needs time. You should leave her and the baby alone for a while." Locke leaves, Charlie gets ready to flashback.

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