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Baptism by liar

Down the hatch, Libby is asking Hurley if the washer and dryer are newer than everything else in there, and I guess this is supposed to be the writers acknowledging that for the benefit of chattering internet bulletin boards that pay attention to details like that or something, and Hurley says all he knows is that they wash clothes, which seems to be a fact not known to the rest of the laundry slaves out on the beach.

Libby then shows off a dress she found, and asks Hurley if he thinks she can pull it off. Hurley looks really discombobulated, so Libby has to clue him in on the necessity of giving a woman validation when she asks questions like that. "Do I know you from somewhere?" asks Hurley, as it seems to occur to him that maybe he does, and Libby pauses a moment, then says, "You mean, other than the flight?" And then she suspiciously doesn't actually answer, and instead distracts Hurley by getting naked to try on the dress (she does insist that he turn around while she changes). As she does so, she says she can't believe he doesn't remember stepping on her foot on the plane. I swear to god it sounds like she's lying, except for the fact that she actually knows the details of Hurley getting on the plane -- last one on the aircraft, headphones on, very sweaty. Anyway, she's done changing, so she asks Hurley's opinion as she twirls in front of him. "It's awesome," says Hurley sincerely. And it is. Libby looks pleased. I'm still not sure I trust her.

Just off the beach, Eko is scratching marks into trees, for some reason that I'm sure will be very profound. Charlie strolls up, possibly because Eko is one of the few people left whom Charlie hasn't alienated. He asks why Eko's marking the trees. "Because these are the ones I like," says Eko, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. Charlie doesn't press any further, since what he really wants to know is if Eko told Locke he gave Charlie a statue from the plane. "Why would I do that?" Charlie gripes that "the bald wanker knows something." Eko amazingly figures out that something's bothering Charlie. "Apart from me losing my mind? No, everything's peachy." Eko, to what I'm sure will be his lasting regret, asks why Charlie thinks he's losing his mind. Charlie cites the sleep-walking, baby-stealing, and vivid dreams that Aaron is in "mortal peril." He ticks off for Eko all the religious symbolism of the dreams, while Eko grows increasingly thoughtful, to the point where Charlie asks him what's up. "Have you ever considered that these dreams mean something?" asks Eko. "Like what?" "What if you do need to save the baby?" Nice one, Eko. Get to know Charlie a little better, and you'll consider that maybe he "needs" to stop pestering everybody.

Charlie stomps up to Claire's tent, with Kate there to head him off, despite him saying that he needs to talk to her. "She'll want to hear this!" says Charlie, who eventually pushes Kate aside and then babbles on to a fearful Claire that Aaron's in danger (no SHIT she's in danger, you crazy dope fiend! From you!) and that the solution is to baptize him, which they can do because Eko's a priest. If Claire knows anything at all about baptism (which she doesn't appear to), she'd know that baptism isn't going to save the kid from anything except going to hell when he dies from this threat Charlie's yelling about. Kate then shoves Charlie away, down the beach. A little ways away, Locke watches the whole thing, frowning. Hey, Locke, little help?

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