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The gloves come off

Okay, if I were an allegedly high muckety-muck like this Head Bellboy is, and a couple of creepy men in blue gloves stood in front of me and popped open some unfamiliar device and held it in front of me, there would be a little cartoon cloud where I had been sitting, and possibly a "ZWING!" sound effect. And there might be a hole with a cartoon outline of myself in a nearby wall. But no, Head Bellboy just gives the device a curious glance. A high-pitched whine emanates from the baton. Suddenly Head Bellboy's nose starts to bleed. He touches his face and feels blood, then looks at his hands. He's bleeding from his fingernails. Oh, and his eyes. And now his mouth. Ick. It's even ickier when you pause the television, turn around to write on the computer, then turn back to see the image paused on a shot of Head Bellboy sitting there with his mouth wide open, bleeding from all orifices.


We return back to Simon, River, and Jayne out in the random hallway. They can all hear screaming emanating from the security office. Jayne and Simon are confused by the sounds. River is petrified. She knows what it is. We see a brief shot of all the bellboys lying dead on the security room floor, bleeding all over. River starts muttering, "Two by two, hands of blue." Then she runs, panicked, down a hallway, leaving Simon and Jayne to follow her.

The Dishwashers of Doom walk down a hallway, silently.

River leads Jayne and Simon into a huge empty hall that looks like it could serve as an airplane hangar. This is one weird hospital. Maybe they build with future growth in mind. She rushes over to the other side of the room. Jayne wants to know where the hell they're going. Simon says that River must know there's another exit this way somehow.

The Dishwashers of Doom enter the holding chamber where Jayne and Simon beat the guards. The referee has watched this portion of the game several times and is confirming his earlier decision. Joy looks over the guard Jayne fought. Dawn looks over the guard Simon fought. Joy declares his guard dead. Dawn mentions that his guard is still alive, as he pulls out the Death Baton. It looks confusing, because there's a sudden camera change to the other side of the room as the men enter, flipping their positions. But Jayne definitely killed his guard, while Simon only incapacitated his.

In the hospital's gigantic empty hangar, Jayne declares that he has no intention of running around like a rat in a maze, and demands that they go back. Then he hears Simon's guard screaming. Back, he realizes, is not so much a place he wants to go anymore.

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