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The gloves come off

Mal turns around and starts to walk away. Jayne looks terrified and about to cry. He asks Mal what he's going to tell the others about Jayne's death. Mal says he hadn't really thought about it. Jayne says, "Make somethin' up. Don't tell 'em what I did." Mal stares at him for a few seconds. Then he reaches down to the button panel and closes the outside door. Jayne starts gasping in relief. Mal, back at the door, tells Jayne, "Next time you stab me in the back, you do it to my face." He leaves the communicator at the door and walks away. Jayne says, "Can I come in?" Really, really good scene between the two of them. And that diamond-shaped window in the door has really worked out well for the set design.

River is in her quarters, drawing a picture of those Russian dolls that rest inside each other. Because, see, of the layers. Simon comes in to join her; he's holding a needle. And wearing a vest again. He marvels at the picture. River notices the needle and asks what he's doing. Simon explains that he brought her some medicine. River asks if it's time to go to sleep again. Simon says, "No, [duck liver]. It's time to wake up." Awwwww. Gay Simon loves his crazy sister. Take that, Jack and Andie.

Next week: Shut up, Adam Sandler.

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