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The gloves come off

Credits. You can't take Vanilla Sky from me. Oh, wait. Yes, you can. In fact, I insist upon it. Here, it's yours. No, I'm not touching it. No. Take it. I don't want it back. Go away.

When we return from commercials, everybody's all, "A job? For us? You?" Simon shows the crew some vials of drugs. He explains how they're all worth great big sums of money on the street. It's nice to hear that those people who convince drug companies to give their pharmaceuticals ridiculous names that all have a "V," an "X," or a "Z" in them still have jobs. He explains that at the hospital in Ariel City, the amount of drugs they could grab would more than pay for the job he has in mind. Wash is confused. If the drug grabbing isn't the job, then what's the job? Simon explains that the drugs are the payment for the job. He actually wants them to help him get River in and out of the facility so that he can do tests to determine what the Academy has done to her. Kaylee points out that people in the hospital might need those drugs to, you know, live. Zoe says that because it's an Alliance hospital, the drugs will be restocked very quickly. Simon confirms this. Mal adds that folks out on "the rim" could really use the drugs. What, so Niska isn't allowed to steal and sell drugs to the poor, but they are? I'm sure some sick child on Dustball IV with a smear of dirt on his cheek will give Mal puppy-dog eyes and he'll end up giving all the drugs away for free anyhow.

Wash points out that, good intentions aside, Simon is suggesting they break into a very secure facility. Simon explains that it's difficult, but it can be done. This cuts into some detailed exposition, where Simon pulls out a computerized map of the facility and goes over the security measures. There are guards. There are scanners. There are keycards. You get the picture. The hard part will be getting inside, but once they pass that barrier, it should get easier. Mal mentions that Simon and River are fugitives from the Alliance. How will they bypass security? Simon says that he and River are going to go in the front door. Mal scoffs, but Simon assures him that his and River's entry is the easy part; it's everybody else that's going to be a challenge. Simon says they'll need to procure items off the ship. Before he can even ask for volunteers, everybody but Zoe and Mal raises a hand.

The first barrier is "breaching the perimeter" to get to the hospital. Only "official" vehicles are allowed in. Since stealing a vehicle is too risky, they're going to have to salvage one from a local junkyard. We cut to Kaylee and Wash, wandering around said junkyard. Kaylee whines about having to spend her first trip to the core planet digging through spaceship parts. You'd think she'd enjoy that sort of thing, with her engine fetish. Sure enough, she marvels over something that looks like a fluorescent tube. Wash picks up a device that looks like the catalyzer from "Out of Gas" and tosses it. Then he notices the remains of an entire space ambulance. I hope they picked up some spare parts for Serenity while they were there, considering that they all nearly died the last time something broke.

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