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Leave It To Reavers

Back aboard Serenity, Simon and River have returned from their little space walk. River says she wants to go again. Simon says later, perhaps. I'm thinking that perhaps River was a bit developmentally disabled even before the Academy got hold of her. Simon doesn't seem to be particularly surprised at her more childish behavior. It's just the freak-outs that get to him. River worries that Mal and the others aren't coming back. Simon assures her that they are.

But Matt has other plans in mind. Mal is handcuffed, and Matt tells him that Serenity will be auctioned off, and the proceeds used for Mal's defense. The Sixth Amendment? What Sixth Amendment? President Ashcroft got rid of that nonsense centuries ago. I have to go lie down now. Just then, a guard comes up and whispers something in Matt's ear. Matt orders the guards to get Mal out of there, and calls for a full lockdown and guards at the nursery. Nursery? Mal insists that they won't find Peter, but he knows exactly where he'll go. What is this, Law & Order: Cosmic Cannibal Unit? How the hell would he know?

Cut to Serenity. Simon and River are heading back into the common areas from a corridor. River starts freaking out and pulls Simon back to try to keep him from entering the room. Simon tries to convince her that things are okay. Of course, they're not. Of course. Peter went back to the ship because, well, how many sets do you think they can afford what with them having to reshoot the pilot? We see a hand surreptitiously pull a knife off a table. River and Simon don't notice. But fortunately, it's The "They're Coming To Get You" Hour on KRZY, so River's naturally suspicious. Simon tries to convince River that she doesn't have to be afraid.

On the other side of the ship, Matt, Mal (still in handcuffs), and some goons are armed and looking for Peter. They come across a dead soldier. Mal says Peter's looking for "familiar ground." Sure, that makes as much sense as everything else about the Reavers. Matt orders the guards to take Mal back to the brig, but Mal insists that he stay because otherwise Matt will lose more men. Whatever, Mal is the Reaver Whisperer or something. I don't know what he thinks he's capable of doing that the other guards can't. Matt agrees to let Mal go first. Mal begs him to take off the handcuffs. Matt obligingly takes the cuffs off so that Mal's hands are no longer bound behind him, but then cuffs them back in front of him. Heh. Mal leads Matt and his goons down into the cargo bay.

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