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Leave It To Reavers

Some of the folks head off to their tasks, leaving Wash, Kaylee, and Zoe behind with Mal. Kaylee and Wash seem rather surprised at Mal's kind words about caring about the dead settlers. But it turns out it was really a ruse to get all the tertiary travelers (and superstitious Jayne) out of their hair while they get down to the business of doing "what needs to be done." They must have cameras on the exterior of the ship or something, because Mal is able to show them the tentacles attaching themselves to their docking platform. Mal explains that it's a booby trap set up by the Reavers for rescue ships. When they try to detach from the cargo ship, it blows, presumably doing much damage. So Jayne's hysterical rants were pretty much right; the Reavers do intend to return. Kaylee gives some brief technobabble explanation of how easy it will be to cut through some line and detach the booby trap. Really, how complicated are booby traps set by people who have lost their minds entirely? Mal asks Kaylee if she's sure she can disable the trap. She's sure, but adds, "If I mess up, it's not like you'll be able to yell at me."

On the cargo ship, Jayne lowers the bodies while Book reads some sort of prayer. Foreboding music begins to play for this montage of crew in action. Simon just stands there. I'm not even sure what Simon is actually going to accomplish on the ship. It's not like they need autopsies or anything. I guess he just wanted to prove he can be a little butch for the right guy.

Back on Serenity, Wash helps Kaylee enter an access shaft leading to the docking platform.

In her shuttle, Inara scribes Chinese calligraphy. That's probably her diary, and she's writing about how sensitive Mal is and how they're going to have the most beautiful children together someday. River rests fitfully on Inara's bed. She sleeps more than a cat. Being a crazy psychic must take a lot of energy.

We cut to sick bay, where the survivor is also resting fitfully, rocking back and forth, much in the way that River was. See, they're listening to the same KRZY programs.

Kaylee crawls up to a collection of cords and wires underneath the docking system.

Crazy Survivor rocks back and forth laughing, then suddenly opens his eyes wide. At the same time, River starts freaking out in Inara's shuttle. KRZY must have needed to play their monthly emergency broadcast signal, which is the sound of Cthulhu singing the last digit of pi in i-sharp. Inara hugs River to calm her down while visions of non-Euclidean temples dance in her head. In the sick bay -- I'm going to call him Peter, because he's a crazy survivor -- Peter picks up a surgical knife.

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