Heart Of Gold

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Gunfight At The Ho K Corral

We get another shot of the men thundering toward Heart of Gold, as Zoe and Jayne fill Mal in on the details of the number of men and weapons. Mal realizes they've lost the element of surprise, somehow, but he and Nandi are committed to seeing it through. Nandi tells the others that if somebody gets shot, pull him or her back away from the line, but then go back to the front to shoot back. She gives Mal an I Know I'm Going To Die In Order To Serve The UST, But That's Okay look.

Kaylee and Wash head into Serenity's cargo bay. Mal warns them through the comms that men are coming and he's going to need the distraction soon, but then Kaylee notices that some men have somehow snuck onto the ship and are on the catwalk. They start shooting, but Kaylee pulls Wash out of the line of fire. Doesn't this ship have locks or anything? They cower as men shoot at them.

The He-Man Woman-Haters' Club continues to ride. Zoe's traps spring up -- tripwires set at neck level -- and several men are knocked off horseback. Then Rance, piloting the hovercraft, orders his gunman to kick off the festivities. He starts shooting at the house. Windows shatter, and people cower on the floor. Mal comms Jayne about their first big problem. Jayne takes the guy out with a single shot. And then he takes Rance out next. The end. Oops, no. That would make sense. Both sides start trading fire. The traitor whore, who inexplicably came back to the house knowing full well that there would be a big gun battle the next day, scurries back out of the house as the fighting gets tough. She's not very smart, that traitor whore. A boy whore and a girl whore fall in battle. Book's gonna have some 'splainin' to do.

Back on the ship, Wash and Kaylee are still pinned down. Wash provides some cover fire for Kaylee so she can scurry down a hallway. Then he scurries off after her.

The gunfight continues. Rance pulls out his laser gun and starts cutting through the house. Although the show insisted on accuracy with the "no noise in space" thing, they went ahead and gave the laser gun big red beams. I think it would have been hysterical if they had the laser be too thin to see like it would probably actually be, and just show us pieces of the wall spontaneously get cut in half. For some reason, Mal tells Zoe and Book about Rance's laser beam being the second hurdle instead of asking for Jayne to take him out. Book uses a water hose to put out the fires started by the laser, while Zoe continues to shoot whoever she can get a sight on.

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