Heart Of Gold

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Shack: C | 15 USERS: B+
Gunfight At The Ho K Corral

Mal wanders over to Inara and -- what's this? Could the UST finally be developing into something real? He tells her he's "feeling kinda truthsome" and thinks that life's too short and it looks like he's about to tell her something interesting. Perhaps -- that he likes her? Inara cuts him off to blather away about how she learned from Nandi the importance of love and family and blah blah blah blah. She says that when you build a strong tie in this family you make, it becomes tough to break away. Could it be that Inara's going to say something interesting? Perhaps -- that she likes him? She says, "There's something I should have done a long while ago." Tell Mal how you feel? "And I'm sorry for the both of us that it took me this long." She's finally going to tell him how she feels! It's about freaking time! "I'm leaving." Wha-- ? D'oh. And the UST stays in the picture. Or it would have, if the show hadn't been cancelled.

And on that terribly predictable cliffhanger, we're done yet again. I hope you enjoyed this brief trip out of Permanent Hiatus land. Now, back you go. We've got a whole new season of television to rip to shreds.

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