Our Mrs. Reynolds

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The old maul-and-chain

Cut to Inara's Shuttle of Ill-Yet-High-Class-Repute. She fiddles with her computer. Mal comes by to let her know that they're back on course, though they'll be a day or two late to Beaumonde. Inara asks if he let Saffron live. He did. Out of the blue, he compliments Inarkia on her gracefulness. She thanks him. Mal brings up the strange circumstances behind Inara's "injury" in his quarters. They stand really close to each other. Mal tells her to admit that she didn't just trip and fall down. She stares into his eyes, then admits that she didn't. Mal smiles and says, "Well, isn't that something. I knew you let her kiss you." Then he walks out. Inara and I both sigh, frustrated because the dramatic irony of the audience knowing something a character doesn't isn't as interesting when it's caused because the character is being really, really stupid. Next week: Baseball! The week after that: Everybody loves Jayne! It's about time.

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