Our Mrs. Reynolds

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The old maul-and-chain

No longer playing the meek waif, Saffron strides over to Wash's chair and types in some coordinates and touches monitors and stuff. There's a keyboard for the ship that looks like it came from an old TRS-80. After she's finished doing whatever the hell she's doing, she reaches underneath the panel and changes the connections of some wires. Then she powers down the controls and leaves the bridge, sealing the door shut behind her with some sort of welding tape that melts when exposed to air. Cool.

She runs down the catwalk to the shuttle and opens the door. This time, she's the one who gets surprised; Inara's there. Saffron immediately reverts to meek mode and says she thought the other shuttle was Inara's. It is, but the computer was malfunctioning, so she was using the one on the other shuttle. Except that one was out too. Saffron must have cut off communications as well. Saffron meekly asks Inara if she was looking for customers. Undeterred, Inara asks Saffron what she was looking for. Saffron looks down at the floor and explains that she doesn't mean to be rude. She thinks the life of a companion is so "glamorous and strange" and doesn't think she has the skills to do it. Inara observes that Saffron wants to please her husband. Saffron explains that Mal won't have anything to do with her. She adds that she's rather relieved at that and approaches Inara, saying, "If I am to learn of love, I'd like it to be at the hands of someone gentle. Someone who could feel what I feel." Thousands of teenage boys start bouncing up and down on their couches, clapping their hands. Or they would be, if they weren't beating up hookers in "Grand Theft Auto 3." Inara looks interested and approaches Saffron, saying that Mal claimed that Saffron disapproved of her work. Saffron claims that Mal said that to keep Inara away from her because Saffron was too curious.

Inara and Saffron lean in close, long enough to get many, many shots to use in the promos. Inara says, "Come to my shuttle." Saffron asks, "You would lie with me?" Then an alarm goes off. Inara observes, "I guess we've lied enough." Saffron: "You're good." Inara: "You're amazing. Who are you?" Saffron: "Malcolm Reynolds's widow." Inara blocks a punch and ducks a kick from Saffron, who escapes into the shuttle and flees Serenity.

Inara rushes toward the bridge. Zoe and Jayne are already there. Zoe is tending to Wash and nervously points out that he's bleeding. Jayne is trying to force the door to the bridge open, without luck. Kaylee comes by and asks what's going on. Inara takes the ladder that leads down to Mal's quarters.

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