Out Of Gas

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Shack: B+ | 18 USERS: B+
Misty yellow-tinted memories

Mal falls asleep finally, and dreams himself a flashback. We finally see the scene with the salesman, telling Mal what a "beaut" Serenity is. But it turns out he's not talking about her at all. He's referring to another ship entirely. It's the ship equivalent of that robot Luke Skywalker bought instead of R2-D2. As the salesman -- who looks just like a typical used-car salesman -- gives his speech about how great this other ship is, Mal ignores him and stares off in a different direction. Eventually we see what Mal's looking at. It's the ship that will soon be known Serenity, of course. Yes, we should all look in awe and wonder at the ship that nearly killed them all when it blew a minor engine part. Yay, Serenity!

Next: Some guy who looks like Chris O'Donnell insults Inara, and Mal agrees to a duel in her honor. There are swords. Benny from L.A. Law is present.

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