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A River Runs From It

Back on the ship, Jayne is rifling through all of Simon's stuff. Scavenging, as it were. He's got one of Simon's tongue depressors in his mouth. He pulls out Simon's diary, where he no doubt writes about his feelings toward Kaylee, and "reads" the contents: "Dear Diary, Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hillfolk, never to be seen again. Best day ever!" That Jayne; he really doesn't like Simon, does he? I wonder why that is? He pulls a stash of money out of Simon's suitcase and pockets. Then he pulls out a shiny purple shirt of Simon's and stares at it. Careful there, Jayne. People might get "ideas" about you. Jayne marvels that they managed to keep Simon around for as long as they have.

Zoe continues to hang out with Book in the infirmary. Kaylee comes in to join them. She holds Book's hand, even though he's unconscious. She explains to Zoe that Book did this for her once. Kaylee asks how he's doing. Zoe says she's cleaned and prepared the wound, but admits that she doesn't know how serious things are for Book. Kaylee asks if they're heading for help. Zoe says the captain will come up with a plan. Kaylee thinks that's a good thing. Zoe says, "Possibly you're not recalling some of his previous plans." Well, at least somebody on the ship knows. Kaylee reminds us all that Mal left Simon and River back on the planet. She doesn't think that's right. Zoe has no response.

Up on the bridge, Wash asks Mal if he's sure "this is where [he wants] to be." Mal says he's pretty sure it isn't. We get an outside shot to see Serenity approaching one of those large Alliance skyscraper ships. Inside, Wash requests permission to dock. Permission granted.

Back with the hicks on the hill, Simon and River are escorted into some building. Captioning reveals that Alpha Hick's name is Stark. If they were going to do a Farscape shout-out, couldn't they have at least given him an eye-patch? Stark snarks that the accommodations probably aren't as good as they're used to, but it's what they've got. Simon looks over to see sick people lying about here and there. There's also a woman there by the absolutely ridiculous name of Doralee, attending to them. She's dressed up like one of the slaves from Gone With The Wind. Butterfly McHillWoman (tm justjoan) greets them, but is confused about who River is. River goggles at all the sick people and Simon has to get her to sit down before she goes and hugs all the lepers. After he gets River calmed down, Simon asks Butterfly if there's been some sort of outbreak. Nope. People just get sick a lot or fall down the hill, breaking their crowns, or whatever. Sometimes they heal on their own, but sometimes they need medical help. Simon rolls up his sleeves and asks Butterfly to bring him some light and any medical supplies they've got.

Back on Serenity, Zoe asks Mal if he's "sanguine" about docking with the Alliance ship as they all gather in the cargo bay, with Book on a stretcher yet again. This prompts a lengthy discussion about what "sanguine" means. It means "hopeful," but it also means "bloody." I've had nearly this exact conversation with somebody before. I'd claim it as a shout-out, but unless Drew Z. Greenberg is psychic, I'm sure that's not the case. Zoe opens the door to the cargo bay. Several Alliance soldiers point their guns at them menacingly.

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