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A River Runs From It

Cut to Serenity. Jayne quickly dumps all of Simon's belongings back in his room, then tries to leave nonchalantly, without anybody noticing. Of course, he encounters Simon out in the hallway and gets all cagey, saying that he's glad Simon's back on the ship. Because now he doesn't have to resort to sniffing his underwear. Ew. That might have been a little too much.

Mal stares into the infirmary and sees that it's empty. Simon comes by and explains that he's moved his stuff into Book's room to care for him. Book's going to do okay. Simon says that it's the ship's first real serious injury, and he wasn't around to help. Of course, they showed all these episodes out of order, so this was actually supposed to air before "Out of Gas," where Zoe and Mal both get critically injured. As Mal tries to get back to business, Simon asks Mal why he came back for them. Mal simply says that he's a part of his crew. Simon points out that Mal doesn't even like him. Mal responds, "You're on my crew. Why are we still talking about this? Chow's in ten. You don't have to dress." Simon smiles to himself, thinking about the possibility that he and Mal may become closer friends and maybe grab a brewski and play a few video games before going on a double date with Inara and Kaylee.

Hold on a second. Thump. Thump. "And have lots of hot, naked, gay sex." There we go. Just a little glitch.

The episode ends with everybody gathering around the table for chow. Simon pulls out a chair for Kaylee. River steals Jayne's bread. He gives her a funny look, then reaches across the table and grabs another roll. He's such a softie. Except for the parts where he's -- sorry!

Next: Simon convinces the crew to break into a medical facility in order to get information about what happened to River. Do you think things will go awry? Would you like to place a bet?

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