Serenity: The Big Damn Movie

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They crash onto the landing strip -- everybody flies about -- and Volkswagen-sized sparks shoot everywhere as they speed in, Barn Swallowing toward the hangar at Mr. Universe's base. The building itself. An engine, a wing, a fin, everything is torn off our girl as she slides in horrifically toward a wall. She spins, facing the opening of the tunnel she's blasted apart, and comes to a stop. Red emergency lights come on in the stillness. Zoe breathes, Mal breathes. Wash breathes.

"I am a leaf on the wind," he nearly cries, beautiful in relief, lit by the red lights of another crisis averted. "Watch how..."

Zoe falls to him. "Wash, baby. Baby, no. Baby, come on. You gotta go. Come on." It stretches out into forever. "We gotta move. Baby, please. We gotta move, baby, come on." As more bolts fire through the windscreen, Mal grabs her and the rest of them.

The team makes their way into the building. Zoe chooses the inner chamber as the first good hold point. Mal wants to stay together, but Zoe calls it as a good bottleneck for the Reavers -- if they get through the outside door, into the first chamber, they can defend the entrance proper until they're forced to retreat behind the blast doors leading to the elevator up to Mr. U's lair. Kaylee can rig the blast doors to stay closed once they're forced to retreat, buying even more time. "This is the place," says Zoe, cold and military. "We'll buy you the time." The crew begins to stack crates as a trench against the blast doors, so that they'll be as far back as possible for the siege ("Make sure they ain't filled with nothing goes boom," quoth Mal).

Kaylee looks around, panicked, for their always-forgotten brother: "Wait, Wash! Where's Wash?" Zoe strips, loads, cocks. "He ain't coming." Strip, load, cock. Jayne interrupts their eyes on her, telling them to get back to work on the gorramn crates." A bulwark is completed; River and Kaylee and Simon load guns, Zoe and Jayne on the edges. To the sound of Reavers coming, growling, howling, Mal asks Jayne to please admit he "brought them this time." Jayne pulls out his grenades as Zoe continues, focused on the gun.

"Zoe?" Mal turns her around. "Are you here?" She looks at him, solid, still as ground. "Do the job, sir." He searches her face. "You hold. Hold till I get back." She stares at him. He's not talking about the Reavers. Jayne: "Captain's right. Can't be thinking on revenge if we're gonna get through this." She scoffs. "Do you really think any of us are gonna get through this?" Hurt, Jayne hugs his gun to himself. "Well, I might?"

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