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Ending where it all began

After a CGI shot of Serenity making a U-turn, we cut to the infirmary, where Mal and Simon place Kaylee on the table. Simon arranges for Kaylee's treatment and sends Inara to get his bag. We see some shots of surgery, with Simon pulling the bullet out. You know, Sean Maher does look a little more sinister in this episode. I'm not quite sure what it is. I think they try to arrange the cameras so that he's frequently shot from slightly beneath him. Mal and Inara watch the surgery. Outside, Jayne nervously peers through one of the windows. Awww.

After the surgery, Simon cleans up and says he can't do anything else until Kaylee stabilizes. And he's not even sure if that's going to happen yet. Inara wonders out loud what's going on with Simon and the mole. Mal says, "Let's find out," and strides out of the infirmary to the cargo bay. Simon chases after him and tells him to stay away from his cargo, but Jayne comes up behind him and grabs him in a headlock. I imagine that's what passes for foreplay for Jayne. Mal asks where Dobson is. Jayne says he's secured, and Book's with him because he seems to think he's not safe alone with the man-ape gone wrong. Mal pulls out the large metal container Simon brought with him. Mal pops open the lid, over Simon's protests. At first glance, it's a shipment of dry ice. But eventually it starts to evaporate, and there's a girl in the box. A naked girl. Whoever could she be? What a surprising development! But who is she? Dammit! They send us to commercials first and leave us hanging.

If you are involved in any way, shape, or form with Kangaroo Jack, you are required by restraining order to stay at least one hundred yards away from me. Really, it's for your own good.

When we return from commercials, Simon insists that he has to provide medical assistance to the mysterious naked girl. Mal seems to think that the girl is some sort of sex slave for Simon. Yeah, right. Suddenly the girl sits up in the box with a gasp, scaring everybody. Then she starts freaking out, and crawling around the box, and freaking and crawling and crying and overacting. Simon breaks free of Jayne and runs over to the girl and calms her down. It turns out her name is River. She eventually recognizes him and starts wailing, "Simon, they talk to me. They want me to talk and…" So this must be when she discovered she had been programmed to receive Radio KRZY. Simon hugs her and assures her that they're safe now. Mal asks what's going on. Simon tells him that River's his sister.

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