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Ending where it all began

Simon walks across the catwalk above the cargo bay. Mal follows him out from Inara's shuttle to confront him. He warns Simon that he's put Inara in danger as well by what he's done. He asks if Simon has a plan for dealing with Dobson. Simon admits that he doesn't. Mal warns him that something is going to have to be done with Dobson when the time comes. Mal thinks Simon should be the one to deal with Dobson, but he doesn't think Simon has the guts. Or the time. Simon is confused about Mal's comment about time. Mal casually observes that Kaylee's dead, and walks away.

After Mal turns away, Simon rushes down the stairs. The Sad Violin Of We All Know Kaylee's Not Dead, So Knock It Off plays as we see Book walking into the infirmary in slow motion. Simon runs down the corridor and down the stairs. He looks into the infirmary to see that Kaylee's awake, talking to Book. She waves at Simon. Simon waves back, then mutters under his breath, "That man's psychotic!"

Cut to the bridge, where Jayne, Wash, Mal, and Zoe are all laughing at Mal's evil prank. Mal confirms to them all that Kaylee's going to be okay. He gives Simon some faint praise for being a good doctor. And an easy mark. And easy on the eyes.

A monitor on the bridge beeps, alerting them all of an incoming call. Mal sits down and flips on some switches. An older woman who looks a little like the late Quentin Crisp pops up on the monitor. This would be Patience. She's wearing a giant space-western hat. They blather on about their last encounter, where Patience shot Mal. Yes, that's all been established. She asks about the goods, wondering why Mal's price is so reasonable. He explains about the Alliance imprints. She's not afraid of no Alliance. She owns half of Whitefall. Eventually, Patience decides that Mal's being honest, so they can deal. She tells him she'll upload meeting coordinates.

Yay! Problem solved! Now they just have that fed to deal with. Mal says, "I do believe that woman is planning to shoot me again." What? Dammit. Jayne explains that the fact that Patience didn't even bother to haggle the price down indicates that she has no plan to actually pay him. Oh. My career as a space pirate would be really, really short, I think. Zoe says that they don't have to deal with her, but Mal says they really do. Jayne suggests that they shoot her first. Wash points out that it is her turn. Mal says that still doesn't get them the money. Zoe starts suggesting that they "try [their] luck" with some other plan, causing Mal to angrily explain that their luck hasn't been the best the past couple of days. But you got Simon! Sure, he came with a gun-toting fed and a crazy sister, but isn't he worth it? He's so pretty. Mal insists that if they depend on luck, they'll end up broke and shipless. That's not going to happen. He insists that Patience has got money and will pay, one way or another. As he says they're going to deal with all these obstacles, we cut up to Dobson's quarters to see him cutting through his bonds with some unidentified sharp object.

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