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Ending where it all began

In River's quarters, Simon tucks River into bed and explains that he gave her a shot to help her get to sleep. He says they're going to find a safe place soon. River feels his face for a bit, like she's blind or something, and says she thought Simon would never come for her. Simon responds, "Well, you're a dummy." River smiles, and Simon hugs her goodnight. Awww.

Up on the bridge, Jayne is busy aftshadowing all his concerns about River. He tells him what Dobson told him about River being "special" and how the Alliance won't stop until they get her back. He thinks they need to dump her and Simon as soon as they can. As Jayne goes to leave, Mal wonders out loud how Dobson got free of his bonds. Jayne insists that it wasn't him. Mal asks if Dobson tried to make a deal with Jayne. He did, but Jayne says the money wasn't enough. Mal asks, "What happens when it is?" Jayne says, "Well…that'll be an interesting day." Mal says, "I imagine it will." Yes, it will. Er, "was." Er…never mind.

Jayne leaves, pushing roughly past Simon on his way out. He just wanted to touch him. Simon comes onto the bridge to talk to Mal. He asks Mal if he needs him to look at the shoulder wound. Trying to get his shirt off already? Mal says it was just a graze. Simon asks where Mal's going to dump them. Mal knows places, but suggests that Simon might want to stay on the move. And Serenity is always moving. Simon is confused. Actually, he thinks Mal is confused. Didn't he want to get rid of them? Mal points out that they could use a medic on board. He gives Simon the least amount of praise that he can get away with by telling him he's not a weakling. Wait till he sees him shirtless. Mal says that as long as Simon follows his rules and keeps River in check, he could stay. Simon asks as politely as possible, "How do I know you won't kill me in my sleep?" Mal responds that if he intends to kill Simon, he'll be awake, he'll be facing Mal, and he'll be armed. Now the punching, though. Mal likes to surprise you with that. Simon asks if he's always this "sentimental." Mal jokes that he had a good day. Simon details all the awful things that happened today. Mal responds, "We're still flying." Simon says, "That's not much." Mal concludes, "It's enough." Well, that's certainly an ironic line with which to end a series.

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