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Ending where it all began

Jayne, Mal, and Zoe head back to the ship down the dusty, dusty space-western road. A couple of men reenact a battle from Samurai Shodown in the background. Jayne whines about them just leaving and not killing Badger for breaking their deal. Yeah, it's not like they'd ever do something like that. Oh, right. "The Train Job" hasn't happened yet. Mal points out that if they shot Badger, they'd be dead, and they still wouldn't get paid. Jayne whines they won't get paid if they just walk away. He reminds Mal that he's got a share in the job, and mutters about ten percent of nothing being nothing. He continues on with more math-related jokes using "nothing." Jayne's just a sucker for math humor. Zoe suggests selling the cargo on Boros, the planet they're going to be heading to next. Mal shoots that down, because there's too much Alliance presence there. They exposit that if they get caught with Alliance goods, they'll lose their ship. Zoe suggests just dumping the cargo. Jayne takes umbrage at that. Or he would, if he knew what "umbrage" was. He's angry because he signed on to do gigs that paid, and he's not getting paid. Mal asserts authority in his typical snarky fashion by essentially telling Jayne to shut up, but agrees that their last few gigs really haven't paid. They have to find a way to sell this cargo or they won't have enough money to keep flying. Zoe brings up Badger's suggestion of going out to the hinterplanets. Mal says he's thinking of contacting somebody named Patience on a planet called Whitefall. Zoe doesn't think that's a good idea. Apparently, the last time they worked with Patience, she shot Mal. They go over a list of other potential clients. Mal dismisses them all for sundry reasons, such as some of them being dead. Mal mentions Reavers killing a guy they did business with so that Jayne can both foreshadow and aftshadow how nasty they are. Mal concludes that Patience is the best option. He concludes that Patience actually shot Mal due to a "legitimate conflict on interest," and he bears no grudge. I'm trying to figure out what Mal means there, and the best answer I can come up with was that he was actually trying to screw her over and she found out.

They arrive back at the ship as Kaylee is greeting a passenger, a guy by the name of Dobson, played by Carlos Jacott, who has played small roles in episodes of Buffy and Angel. Recycling actors is good for the environment. He was also in Bats. I'm sure he's frequently apologizing to people for that. ["Poor Ramon. I don't think Noah Baumbach movies pay very well." -- Sars] Anyway, Dobson makes his way onto the ship. Mal watches Wash pull some cargo onto the ship with the ATV. After it passes by, he turns to see Simon for the very first time, standing off to the side, wearing a full three-piece suit and red-tinted glasses with round frames. He's very Dr. Strangelove-meets-Ford Modeling Agency. He and Mal both size each other up and imagine each other naked. Kaylee introduces them to each other.

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