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The anvil is mightier than the sword

Cut to a distance shot of Serenity soaring through space. For some reason, it looks really, really fake. I can't quite explain why, though. It looks like a picture of the ship was painted on a transparency, and then dragged across a background of stars while being filmed.

Kaylee wanders down a corridor, singing to herself. She finds the ladder that leads down to her quarters. She has her name painted at the top of her ladder with flowers and everything to indicate that it's her room. Aww, how girly. She climbs down into her tiny quarters, which are decorated with all sorts of Chinese knickknacks and lights. She sits down on her tiny bed and turns on some sort of radio that's playing snotty string quartet music. As the camera pans back, we see that her ugly, frilly pink dress is hanging from the ceiling at the end of her bed so she can look at it whenever she wants. Aww, how girly.

Inara and Mal sit on a catwalk overlooking the cargo bay, drinking wine that Kaylee fermented somehow in the engine. Yummy! Mal winces in pain. Inara asks if he's still in pain. Uh duh. He tries to show Inara his wound, but she refuses to look. Mal says that he doesn't like these fancy parties of Inara's because they're "too rough." Inara points out that it wasn't all bad. Mal points out the whole getting-stabbed thing again. But Inara adds that Mal lined up "exciting new crime." Mal adds that it's good to have cargo, even if it makes them the target of scavengers. Awkward pause. Inara says that she's grateful to Mal for defending her honor, even though she didn't need or want him to. Mal says, looking back, perhaps he should have stayed out of "[her] world." Inara wonders aloud if that really is her world. She admits to Mal that she didn't plan on staying. You know, in case any of you thought she would. Nobody did, did they? I didn't think so. Mal asks why not. Because she lurrrrrrves you! Oh, but she can't say that. It's too early in the season. She says that somebody needs to keep Kaylee out of trouble, and that all her things are here. She concludes, "And besides, why would I want to leave Serenity?" Mal responds that he can't think of a reason. As we pan down, we see the ship's cargo. It's live cattle. The cows wait patiently for Mal and Inara to finish their lines before they start mooing. How considerate of them.

Next: Book gets shot. River gets burned at the stake. Is it my birthday already?

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