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The anvil is mightier than the sword

None of this has anything to do with the plot of tonight's episode, incidentally, other than to show us that Mal generally chooses to steal from "bad" people.

Credits. You can't take the ska from me.

We return from commercials with a shot of Serenity soaring through space. On the bridge, Wash and Zoe chat about the fact that they seem to have left Santo in a hurry. Zoe mentions that they seem to generally leave places in a hurry. All those botched missions certainly keep them on their toes. Zoe exposits that they're going to be staying on Persephone for a little while. If you remember your Matt Fielding-induced exposition from the second episode, Persephone is where the ship picked up Book, Simon, and River. Wash thinks it's "shiny" that they'll be docked for a while. Zoe is surprised, and says that she thought that Wash would get "land crazy" if he's stuck at port for a while. What exactly would that entail? Freaking out because the ground seems to follow you everywhere? Worrying that the gravity is going to crush your skull? Wash jokes that he's been sane for a while now, so change is good.

Mal joins them on the bridge to admire the sunset they can see through the windows as they approach Persephone, which appears to be a fairly large planet. Zoe makes some mention of Persephone becoming their second home. Mal insists that it's not -- there are too many people there they need to avoid. Soon there will be a few more. He says they're just there to refuel, resupply, and look for work: "Sniff the air. We don't kiss the dirt." Zoe says she wasn't planning on any dirt-kissing. Wash jokes that he wouldn't let her anyway, because he's the jealous type. They start heading down to the planet, but they're going a little too fast because Wash isn't really paying attention. He nervously makes corrections and worries about crashing. Mal says, "Well, if that happens, let me know," as he leaves. Okay, then.

Cut to Inara's Shuttle Of Elegant Debauchery. It looks like Inara is playing some sort of puzzle game on her monitor that involves sliding images of men's faces around. She's making arrangements to, uh, bask in the compatibility of somebody's aura on Persephone. She quickly deletes a couple of faces. She taps on a face, and it pops open full-screen to reveal some boy who looks like Kelso in fey dandy attire. He clumsily stammers out that if Inara agrees to meet with him, it would honor his…honor. Dude! Lay off the weed when you're trying to secure a space hooker.

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