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So, usually we recappers have long, elaborate stories explaining how we managed to snag an interview with somebody involved with our shows. Sadly, I'm afraid I don't have one. If it amuses you to think that I ran into Jose Molina while waiting in line to get a lunchtime smoothie at the Jamba Juice on Sepulveda, then go ahead. I don't even know whether there's a Jamba Juice on Sepulveda or not. Anyway, what really happened is that Jose Molina posted on the boards, then contacted me to see if I was interested in interviewing him. After confirming his identity, I said sure. And there you go. Shack: When will you find out about the fate of the first season? Is a time/day change a real possibility, or is that wishful thinking from fans? Jose Molina: We just found out this morning ["last week" -- Shack] that we've gotten two more episodes picked up. The fate of the rest of the first season is still in the hands of TPTB at the network. I'm cautiously optimistic that this limited pickup bodes well. The time/date change is very unlikely, in my opinion. I think if FOX decides to pick up the rest of our season, they'll want to keep their Friday night lineup intact. That's just a guess. How did you join the writing staff of Firefly? The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water signifying by Divine Providence that I, Jose, was to write for Firefly. Also, I'd known Joss and Tim for a while before I came to work on Firefly. I'd worked with Tim as far back as Strange World, and I knew Joss from my brief time at Mutant Enemy as an assistant. I woke up one fateful Friday to a message on my answering machine saying that Tim Minear was trying to reach me. I bolted awake, called back, and within a couple of hours it was a done deal. Of course, I'd been hoping to get that call all week... Do you all have the whole season planned out by now, or are you waiting for a decision from FOX? We have it all planned out, including a season four cliffhanger where we learn that River's midichlorian count is OFF THE CHARTS! She accidentally flies Serenity too close to a sun and the ship winds up with two humpback whales in the cargo bay. Wackiness ensues. At least that's what I'm pitching. ["You have no idea how stupid I feel for having to look up what midichlorians are." -- Shack]

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