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Twenty Questions -- if you round up
Was the deadly little device used by the men with blue gloves your idea? What is it, or is that something to be revealed in the future? The device was Joss's idea. But everything about the Blue Glove Men is a mystery, so don't expect to learn anything too specific anytime soon. I will say this: always moisturize. The Alliance. The Independents. The Academy. Capital City. River. Book. Wash. What the hell happened to all the proper nouns? We thought about using only gerunds, but that didn't fly. So is Simon gay or what? He's not gay -- if anything I'd say he's rather glum. How gay would you feel if you'd just gave up everything you had to save your sister? Not very. I think you'd be glum, too. Really. He's gay, isn't he? Maybe sullen? Is the Chinese influence on the show more than just aesthetic? Is the Alliance intended to be a much larger extension of their brand of socialism? Quoth the Whedon: "I went with Chinese so that we could sort of meld the two cultures -- the western, American culture and the Chinese -- as having grown together. Since they are the two great superpowers of this Earth, I thought instead of killing each other as everybody seems to be predicting we will, what if they in fact came up together and melded in the Anglo-Sino Alliance." Why is Book so annoying? I don't know, maybe he's French. I don't think Book's annoying at all! I was actually bummed that I didn't get to write anything for him in "Ariel," and I'm looking forward to writing something meaty for him soon. We haven't had much of a chance to service the character yet, but I think when we reveal some of the things we have up our sleeve, y'all will become much more interested in him. Do you get any negative responses from former Dark Angel fans for joining the show that took its time slot? Yes. Someone sent me an angry message asking how much Fox had paid me to sell my soul. If you're out there, I traded it for a melon-holer and a box of Ritz. If you're interested in buying it, though, I believe it's currently up for auction on eBay. If you happen to be the high bidder, use it in good health. That ketchup stain should come out. I get why DA fans are upset. I was enormously upset myself. First we hear we're on the air, then all of the sudden we're not. It sucked! I had to cut short my honeymoon because of DA's cancellation, so believe me, I was upset! But I'm surprised at the kind of antagonism leveled at Firefly. That, I don't get.

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