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Twenty Questions -- if you round up
So is James Cameron as big an asshole as he seems? ["This is me, making sure I can never ever get work in Hollywood. Ever." -- Shack] Jim gets a bad rap because he doesn't suffer fools. If you're a fool, you're gonna think he's an asshole because he's not going to put up with your crap. He's tough because he's a perfectionist, but he's amazing at what he does. If you're going to work for him, bring your A-game or go home. I thought he was a pretty cool guy and would work with him again in a heartbeat. Let's assume that FOX goes against its established tradition of fostering new sci-fi shows, and then beating them to death with a big stick. What can we look forward to if Firefly finishes out the season? **** WARNING: Minor Spoilers**** I obviously can't give away big plot points, but I'll say this. There's a big Wash/Zoe/Mal episode coming up, as well as a big Mal/Inara UST episode. Those are coming up in December. We've also been talking about finally revealing some of Book's backstory. We're not 100 percent sure when that's happening, though. Ooh, and the midichlorians thing! That's in season four.

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