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Even Nathan's naked ass couldn't save them.

Underneath, Zoe and Kaylee are struggling to finish what Jayne had started. Neither of them is six foot four, so it's a bit problematic. Adding to their difficulty is the fact that Mal just pushed the button that summons the garbage drone. Kaylee can't reach. Zoe comms Wash that they need to be up a little more. Wash struggles to make it happen. What's the big deal if the ship touches the garbage bin holder or something? It's not like they care if Serenity's finish gets scratched or something. The island isn't moving. The ship isn't moving. There isn't going to be some sort of explosion if they bump. Kaylee finally gets the card in, and Zoe pulls her down a second before the garbage drone would have crushed her as it docked with the garbage bin.

Back inside, the stand-off to decide whether love can triumph over greed continues. Greed seems to be winning, but then Mal pulls out a gun from the flowers they brought in and trains it on Saffronda. Mal orders her to drop the gun. She complies, eventually. So apparently disinterest triumphs over love and greed. I've always suspected as much. Saffronda has nothing but bitter cynical words about Durran's hope that she would stay on the estate with him. She calls him a "rutting fool."

Back on the ship, Zoe comms to Wash that they're all back aboard. Wash steers the ship away from the island, as the garbage drone flies off in a different direction.

Back inside, Durran continues to wear his hurt puppy look as he tries to figure out what's going on. Saffronda tries to get Mal involved by declaring that he's her husband. Mal shoots back, "Well, who in the damned galaxy ain't"? Durran says he feels sorry for Saffronda. Saffronda points out that she's not the one getting her stuff stolen. She says, "If you had half a brain, you'd have called the feds the minute you saw me." Durran responds, "Oh, I did." He has a ring with some emergency signal. He tells Saffronda that he loves her, but he didn't really think she'd actually come back to be with him. Sirens go off as a couple of Alliance ships land at the estate. "Men," Saffronda declares. Yeah, it sucks when they don't trust you anymore, because then you can't take advantage of them.

Non-commercial break. When we return, Saffronda tries on her best seductive baby voice and begs Durran to call off the cops. She promises to do "anything" he wants her to. He tells her she's embarrassing herself. So Saffronda resorts to her usual stand-by -- a roundhouse kick to the temple. Ouch. Mal points out that the cops will arrest them both, so they've got to run.

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