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Pride and Prejudice

Back in the judge's chambers, both sides admit that they haven't reached an agreement. Riley says that her client is prepared to take a polygraph to prove she wasn't aware of the Mitchells' race. A lot of back-and-forth with rising voices about a full report on the Mitchells given to Miss Spears by Gaynor and Miss Spears' not being able to read. Finally, Riley makes Gaynor admit that he can't swear on a stack of hotel Gideons that he told Miss Spears the color of the Mitchells' skin. The judge looks thoughtful, and Mrs. Mitchell makes a liar out of Tom Shales of The Washington Post by speaking. She tells the assemblage that she and her husband were so desperate to start a family that they didn't even consider the race. The judge says that Riley's client wasn't properly informed in his opinion, and rules in her favor. He tells the Mitchells they have forty-eight hours to surrender the baby, "if that's enough time to pack up her things," he says in a voice full of tears. Riley looks from the distraught Mitchells, who clutch Marissa/Rosanna closely, and cries quietly. I have to say I got quite emotional in this scene when I put myself in the Mitchells' position and imagined anyone trying to take my cats from me. But I was also turning the tape off and on, trading off with the Academy Awards when they were running through that "In Memoriam" list, so that was probably the reason for my weepiness. Yeah, that's it. Riley bends down to her client, who is brimming with tears, and tells her, "This has to be your decision." Miss Spears whispers, "Tell me what to do," and cries. "They love her," is all Riley says. Miss Spears looks at her baby one last time before looking in her lap and says, "Take her." "Counselor?" the judge says. Riley tells Miss Spears that as her lawyer she has to tell her that Miss Spears' decision is final and she can't appeal it. Miss Spears doesn't object. Riley stands up and says that her client withdraws her petition and agrees to let the Mitchells adopt the baby. Gaynor tells the Mitchells to take the baby outside, because, let's face it, the mother has suffered plenty. "I want to go," Miss Spears tells Riley. The judge tells Miss Spears that when she's up for probation, he will speak on her behalf. Miss Spears turns and walks away. The judge says that they still have some business to clear up. He turns his attention to Riley: "I understand how difficult this was for you, Counselor, and I commend you on your professionalism." Several tears slide down Riley's cheeks and meet at her chin. She sits down. It's over.

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