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As PlasticMan attempts to show Andy Moffat and Anna some "gory motorcycle" pictures, Andy attempts to cajole the two of them into attending the G.A.L.L.A. dinner. "It's a great organization, an excellent resource for gay and lesbian lawyers and they throw the best parties!" Not original, no, not at all, sorry. Anna says that it smacks of being a date too much for her hands-off self. "What date? We're all friends here, and we're going to go and support one of our own…sort of," PlasticMan tells her. Anna seeks the law library to sneeze over dusty tomes and complain, "O'Donnell threw [her] a turkey." PlasticMan feels the opposite about his case, since he gets to watch a re-creation of the accident "in ultra slo-mo!" "Goody for you!" Anna snips. "Goody, goody for me!" PlasticMan corrects her. Riley and Shaggy are Andy Moffat's next banquet targets. "So about the gay-la," he says. "You have to stop saying gay-la!" Shaggy tells him, though I don't know why -- it's an accepted, albeit annoying, pronunciation of the word, much like penalize versus peenalize. "Isn't it pronounced gah-la?" Riley asks. Andy Moffat tells them they like the "gay" in "gay-la" because it's a play on words. "Yeah, and it's a subtle one, at that," Shaggy says, wondering deep down what "subtle" really means, and why the heck people don't say sub-tle. Anna says she'll go if Andy will shut up about it. PlasticMan agrees. Shaggy starts to say that he'd rather pick nits out of his hair, but Riley shoves him out of the way and says, "Of course we'll be there!" and then tells Anna that Bentley told them they might get to meet the Hollywood hunk "in the flesh." Although how much more "in the flesh" they can get compared to those flagrant photos, I don't really see. "I never liked you!" Anna whines. Andy tallies up that it will be the five of them, "only three to go!"

PlasticMan asks if Andy Moffat isn't going to invite his parents. Andy laughs, "In a utopian society, perhaps, but if I invite them to the Gay and Lesbian Legal Association dinner, I might as well come bursting out of the closet wearing my mother's undergarments and lip-syncing Donna Summer tunes!" I do think the writers could have been more creative with that line -- those metaphors are too played already. Riley says they should be there, and asks what the big deal is if they already know he's gay. Andy Moffat tells her they don't talk about it, and that's the big deal: "If the conversation veers in a slightly pink direction, my mother deflects by asking if I'm going out with any nice girls. And I always cave and play along; it's pathetic." "So don't do it," Complacently Heterosexual PlasticMan instructs. Andy Moffat muses that he is having dinner at the 'rents place that night. Riley tells him he has her support. "Really? Then come with me, once they realize that you're not my girlfriend, they'll be thrilled to find out I'm gay," Andy Moffat tells her jokingly. Riley pinches him playfully. I don't get it. Is Andy Moffat trying to say that his parents are racist too? I wouldn't think that's something to tease someone of color about. Feeling that the attention has been turned from her for too long, Anna plows through them, whinging that she asked for a case, O'Donnell gave her a loser, and her client's "toast" so she's going to "get [it] over with." PlasticMan gets more shock value out of his crash photos by showing them to Shaggy.

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