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Hong Kong Phooey
te, Bryce gives her a look like, Wait ... there's a live and attractive young woman in front of me ... but Nicole bolts off all, "Laters!"

Fortunately, that gives Janis entree to talk to Bryce. She wants to start trying for a baby, and she needs a rec for sperm donation. "The whole penis thing is kind of a problem for me because I don't like them ... I'm super-gay," she explains. Bryce recs a fertility clinic and sperm bank, and that's that.

Outside the hospital, Lloyd's wheeling Dylan out to the ambulance, where two men named John and Reed introduce themselves as the evening's transporters, and they just can't wait to load Dylan up and get going. Olivia's accompanied the Simcoe men outside so she can make sure everything goes okay. "I'm not sure if you've had your training, but Dylan's autistic," Olivia explains to John and Reed. One of them mutters, "Oh, we've had training ..." Lloyd and Olivia say their goodbyes, and Olivia asks Lloyd if he believes in the "many worlds" theory he was explaining to her. "Many physicists do," he deflects, and Olivia is nearly flirting with him as she chides, "You didn't answer the question." Lloyd replies, "Out of respect, I'm not going to." He smooths back a wisp of Olivia's hair and says, "Thank you for everything, and goodbye." And then ... the brusque loading of Dylan onto a stretcher -- which totally triggers a Dylan meltdown -- would seem to suggest that whatever training John and Reed have had, it is not in patient transportation. And once the guns are out and the guys are shooting down the hospital security guard, it's apparent that John and Reed's training is in "kidnapping," as they roll Dylan away, seize Lloyd (who is heroically shielding Olivia), throw him in the back on the ambulance, and roll off. And that's our episode! Well done to the writers for setting up the way Dylan will come to live with Olivia and Charlie, and won't it be exciting to see what happens in three months? See you in 2010!

Lisa Schmeiser only digs A Christmas Carol if it's the Muppet version -- Statler and Waldorf as Jacob and Robert Marley can't be beat. She'll be spending this show's hiatus blogging about TV for Bitch magazine and twittering here.

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