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'Cause You Gotta Have Faith-Faith-Faith
o I can ask: Tracy's allegedly been on the run from these cats for several months and it never once occurred to her to Google or Bing! the company site and find out where Jericho was located? And then think, "Gosh, perhaps settling down a scant valley away from the epicenter of evil isn't the safest move"? This show beggars belief in many aspects, so it's silly getting hung up on this particular detail, yet here I am.

Anyway, as Mark continues that -- O THE IRONY -- Jericho is working out of some "think tank's" building, Aaron is finding empties on the floor next to Tracy. Mark concludes that this think tank requires higher security clearance than he has. He bails on the conversation to answer Olivia's phone and that's when he notices the text still on her phone: "Mark was drinking in his flashforward."

And now, another fun Benford marital conversation. Mark's insulted that Olivia didn't bother to bring up the text, which sets him on his snit of the day.

Time marches on and Olivia's at the hospital. She notices that Bryce doesn't look good. Although he's not feverish, he's really pale, and Bryce's "I'm fine!" is undercut by his wobbly-legged semiswoon into a doorway. Olivia gets him onto a bed and starts taking his vitals, chatting about how other people have noticed him nearly fainting during rounds and wouldn't he like to talk about what's going on. Bryce keeps on insisting he's fine, but Olivia sits down, whips out her stethoscope and yanks the collar of his scrubs to one side. She sees a medical-looking tube thingy taped to his chest.

Olivia's genuinely concerned. "Why do you have a central line?" Bryce tells her it's for the chemo. Naturally, this comes as a surprise to Olivia. "I have renal cell carcinoma, stage four," Bryce tells her. Olivia is stunned. As she tries to remain professional (i.e. not bursting into tears), we learn that Bryce had one kidney out right before he started at Our Lady of the Mood Lighting Memorial Hospital. Olivia realizes that this is why Bryce tried to kill himself. Bryce explains, "I was terrified. I didn't think I could face the prospect of dying. I didn't want to put my family through that." Yeah, because families are always like, "God, it's so selfish of sick people to linger all, 'Spend time with me! I want to tell you I love you!'" Olivia is aghast that Bryce has been going through all this alone, but Bryce says, "Since the blackout, things are different now. I'm going to be okay. I've got something to live for."

And now, speaking of reasons to contemplate your mortality: a Tracy-and-Aaron scene. She's made him dinner, and on the pretext of getting cheese for the pasta, comes out with a big bottle of wine and pours herself a tumbler full of wine. Tracy sets down the bottle between her and Aaron. After a few minutes of awkward silence, she finally snots, "What?" Aaron says he can't have her drink in the room. Tracy knocks back one glass and refills with, "It doesn't matter. It's just a glass of wine." Aaron points out that so far as he's concerned, wine is booze is hooch is rotgut, and "I can't be in the same room as [the alcohol]. You understand that?" Tracy, who is already a little loaded, pulls the victim card: "After everything I've been through, you're telling me I can't have a glass of wine." No, dimbulb, he's telling you he can't have a glass of wine, so please knock it off with the drinking around him. Aaron says as much, only more politely, but Tracy feels like she'd rather storm off and marinate in a combination of self-pity and Barefoot cabernet. I personally am wondering how she got hold of the booze in the first place. I'm thinking Pink Dot.

We then zip to the FBI meeting room, where some middle-aged lady bureaucrat straight out of Central Casting is busy showing off the NSA's work on the captured footage of Suspect Zero; they've found the alpha symbol on his ring. The lady dreamily notes that alpha means "the beginning of everything." Mark asks, "If you can enhance the ring so well, why can't we see his face?" The NSA lady says that unfortunately, none of the footage was really useable for that purpose. Wedeck sits through her technowizardry lecture on how they rebuilt the ring image -- honestly, it better belongs in a Bones episode where the tertiary characters take us through some elaborate exposition-via-computer-modeling monologue while Booth and Brennan simmer with unrequited sexual tension -- and demonstrates his displeasure with "I was hoping the NSA could provide us with an analysis of the ring that was a little more substantial." The NSA lady laughs nervously and says, "To tell you the truth, I'm a little uncomfortable talking in this particular group ... I'll be blunt, Mr. Wedeck. One of the members of your Mosaic task force has been red-flagged by the NSA."

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