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'Cause You Gotta Have Faith-Faith-Faith
he's running through a rain-slicked street while fireworks spark. Back in the present, Keiko's mom says, "If you can't respect your family and our wishes, maybe you shouldn't live here." Keiko's like, "I'll go pack."

Back in Los Angeles, the FBI squad, dude division -- hey, where is Janis? Is she off shopping for sperm? I miss her. ANYWAY, the FBI squad, dude division is listening to Shoreh Aghdashloo tell Demetri he'll be murdered on March 15, 2010, and Vreede tells Demetri, "We've analyzed the ambient noise and we've come up with a potential lead. I stripped away everything but the background noise. We found --" "You found cheese electronic music. Come on, Vreede," Demetri says. Vreede leans back and grins with, "No, not just any cheese electronic music, my friend. It's the 'Symphony of Lights,' the world's largest outdoor light and music show. Plays every night in Hong Kong Harbour." Mark grins, "Want to take a trip?"

Cut to Wedeck explaining to his chucklehead subordinates that owing to Sino-American relations (Global Facebook status update: China is ... incredulous that the CIA accused it of causing a blackout. Grrr!), there's no way two members of the U.S. Government are going to Hong Kong. Wedeck placates them by promising to put his finest minds in Asia on it, then adding that he needs his finest minds in Los Angeles to stay in Los Angeles, but Mark and Demetri are not placated. After that meeting, Mark grabs Demetri in the general office bullpen and says, "We're going. Hong Kong." Demetri grins a little as he says, "Wedeck's going to be pissed." Mark says, "He'll get over it."

Speaking of the Pacific Rim, we're back to Bryce in Tsukuba. He's found the Arahida residence, and when he knocks on the door, Keiko's little sister answers it with, "Mom, there's a white guy at the door!" I wonder if that was on Bryce's language tapes, or if there were no pizza-delivery incidents which would have met the Rosetta Stone Language Acquisition series, Foreshadowing Edition requirements for inclusion. Anyway, Mrs. Arahida is not so thrilled at the surprise gaijin, but when Bryce asks about Keiko, she's even less delighted. Bryce whips out his notebook and asks if his picture of Keiko in the Sushi Arahida shirt is actually Keiko. Mrs. Arahida remembers the argument with her daughter -- specifically the part where Keiko asserted there was someone else out there -- thinks about life with a gaijin son-in-law, then lies, "I don't know that girl." Ah, madam, you can fight destiny but you will not win. However, Bryce is left thinking he's reached a dead end.

Bryce calls to Nicole to moan about what an idiot he is, what with flying 5000 miles to find a total stranger. Nicole consoles him by pointing out that he did it to find a woman that he loved, and at least he now knows Keiko's name. Bryce sighs that he doesn't even know if it's the woman's real name, and nobody can tell him anything. Nicole counsels him, "Maybe you're trying to rush something that can't be rushed. You should be patient. Isn't that how love works?" Well, her twitterpation for him seems to be moving along those lines. Poor Bryce is still sad: maybe he misinterpreted this as a way to construct an escapist fantasy. Nicole urges him to come home; she appears to have an agenda that involves cheering him up in person. (But heaven help me, if this turns into "Nicole and Bryce fall into a fling and she feels guilty for distracting him from his KeikoQuest, so she embraces her death as sweet repentance," well ... there will be a lot of caps lock ranting.)

Back in the subplot I wish would check itself into rehab or get rubbed out by Jericho: Tracy has passed out on the couch. Aaron looks at the empty wine bottle on the coffee table, and is fortunately distracted by a knock on the door. He deposits the bottle in the trash and sees Mark at the door. Mark asks to come in, but Aaron pointedly steps outside. Mark semi-non-apologizes for being out-of-line, and Aaron unloads about Tracy: "She's back, but she's not the person she used to be. That person is dead. She's broken, angry, scared. She drinks herself to sleep every night. She's a messed-up alcoholic, Mark. And I'm to blame for all of it." She enlisted because she wanted to be just like me. And now she drinks just like me. There's not a damn thing I can do about it." Aaron is genuinely pained by saying all this aloud; Mark looks bored and irritated. He's a giver, that Benford. The two men conclude that they really can't resume a sponsor/sponsor-ee relationship, but, Aaron chokes out, "I could really use a friend." Mark makes no move to hug said friend, but at least he says, "You've got a friend."

And then ... Bryce's flight has landed at LAX and he's debarking, looking all dispirited and disgruntled. As some intricate guitar playing starts up, we see that not far behind him, toting a guitar and letting her hair flow free, is Keiko. We finally see her whole flashforward: she's running down a wet street (or off a set -- there's scaffolding) as fireworks spark, her guitar slung over her shoulder. Keiko is grinning and she looks simply radiant. She pulls open a door and we see a notice reading "Best of Los Angeles restaurants," then heads into the Japanese place. She finds Bryce and grins to see him. In the passenger area, Keiko puts down her guitar for a moment and pulls up her sleeve. We see that she' got her tattoo -- "Believe." The episode ends with her remembering the rest of her flashforward, then grinning as she heads into a new life.

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